Last Call – Become a Machine Project Member Now!


Dear Friends,

It may shock you (as it shocks us) that we need money, but we do. We really do. Our fiscal year is rapidly/rabidly approaching, and we’re about $8,000 short what we need for membership. To put it in perspective, if everyone on our email list donated $1, OR if you sent us an unmarked fedex box with $8,000 in we would hit that target. Let’s do this.

As a Member your money goes to:

  • Paying smart people to talk to/at you as part of our free public programming
  • Renting this charming storefront where we all gather together
  • Turning this charming storefront into a boat/forest/cave/ufo abduction site for your amazement
  • The salaries of our employees who make everything possible

If you like what we do and want to see us continue to do it become a member now – we need your support.

Click here to become a member.