Scraping, Munging and Mining

Tuesday, September 2nd // 7-10pm
Thursday, September 4th // 7-10pm
& Tuesday, September 9th // 7-10pm
at Machine Project with instructor Anthony Arroyo
$80 for members // $90 for non-members
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Did you know that humans are responsible for only 39% of internet traffic? The rest is composed of bots, applications, scripts, golems and fairy dust? What are they doing? Aren’t you jealous of how much fun they’re having? Well, no more! In this class, we’ll learn how to use clever workarounds and hacks to join the data party and access that sweet, sweet torrent of information that was originally meant for other machines. Don’t worry, we won’t get our hands tooooo dirty ;) In the process, you’ll learn about the inner workings of the internet, HTTP, SSL, URLs, HTML, JavaScript and more! We’ll also be learning how to do some basic scripting in Python on the way.

Participants should have laptops and be 14 or over.