Classes and Workshops

The Rational Dress Society Presents: Make Your Own JUMPSUIT

Saturday, October 10th // noon – 4pm Sunday, October 11th // noon – 4pm $70 General // $60 for Members and those who bring a working sewing machine (email with The Rational Dress Society Come on down to the Mystery Theater Saturday, October 10th and Sunday, October 11th for a two day workshop crafting […]

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Blisters, Boils, and Open Wounds – FX Makeup Workshop

Tuesday, October 27th // 7-10pm $55 General, $45 Members with Camella D. Kim Halloween approaches! Come on down to the Machine Project Mystery Theater for Blisters, Boils, and Open Wounds – a makeup FX workshop with Camella Kim. Participants will learn a variety of mold making, casting, and make up application techniques using a mixture […]

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Refund Policy

Please note: All class fees include a non-refundable enrollment deposit of $25 that will be deducted from your refund if you sign up for, then drop, a class. So, for example, if you sign up for Machine Sewing 101 and pay the $155 class fee, but then remember that you have trapeze school final exams that conflict with the Sewing class and shouldn't have signed up after all, we will refund you $130 of your tuition payment.

Gift Certificate Purchase:

If you have a Machine Project gift certificate you'd like to redeem for a class, please email us at and let us know!

Class Ideas?

Do you have any suggestions of workshops you'd like to see at Machine Project? Email and let us know!

Past Classes

The classes below are over, but if you have interest in any of them, please let us know!

Death Metal Vocals Workshop: Guttural Screams and Piercing Shrieks

Graceless Lady: Mystery Theater Dance Workshop

Data Smuggler’s 101: PGP Email Encryption

Amateur Hour: Becoming Famous – Facial Contouring, Head Shots, Bios and More…

Workshop on Workshops

Bondage Hoods, Bagels, and Bloody Marys

Private Virtual Realities Workshop

DIY Art Space or Whatever – Sold Out!

LED Bicycle Wheel Animation Workshop

Train the Trainer: Wikipedia Editing Workshop | Art + Feminism

DIY Miso Workshop

Past Life Regression and 3D Modeling Workshop

Dear God, Why? The Catholic Dead on Display

Tarot Deck Making and Reading Workshop

Felting and Natural Dyeing Workshop

Urban Cat Architecture

Life Judge

LitTech: Tools and Creative Writing Workshop

Projection Mapping Workshop

Amateur Hour with the Best Friends Learning Gang: HYPNOSIS

Know Thy Enemy!

Multimedia Effects in the Haunted Mansion workshop

Guitar Pedal Building Workshop

Embroidering in Architecture Workshop

Soap Making Workshop

The Urban Cat Architecture Workshop

Afternoon Tea with the Women of the Gamble House

The Gamble Birdhouse Workshop

Letter Writing Workshop

Paper Cutting Workshop

Plant Preservation and Natural Perfumery Workshop

Solar Sun Chime Workshop

Scraping, Munging and Mining


Becoming More Anonymous

Beginning Raspberry Pi – Getting Started with Video and Audio

Wild Clay Workshop – SOLD OUT!

Data Art Workshop – SOLD OUT

PhoneGap 101: Utilizing Web Technologies for Mobile Apps

Palm-Reading and Life-Casting Workshop

Neanderthalism: Handmade Art Materials from your Backyard Workshop

Web Fundamentals for Mobile Design Workshop

Workshop on Workshops NYC

Make Your Own Algae Sculpture – SOLD OUT

Intro to Arduino – Sold Out

The Entrancingly Entropic World of Terry Fuckwitt – Jason Torchinsky

Raspberry Pi Camera Module Workshop – Time Lapse Video

Becoming Anonymous

Bread Baking Using Naturally Leavened Dough and Whole Grain Flour

Experimental Casting Workshop at Center for the Arts Eagle Rock

Digital Cameras + Circuit Bending = Glitch Art

Improv for People Who Would Never Take an Improv Class

DIY Bitters Making & Tasting Workshop

Advanced Processing: Programming Generative Art

Introduction to Processing: Programming Fundamentals

Bulgarian Singing Workshop – Kate Conklin

Automatic Embroidery and Ghostly Encounters

Embroidery for Artists at 1450 Ocean

Musical Soldering at 1450 Ocean

Experimental Casting Workshop

Indian Classical Tabla and Vocal Workshop

Beginning Raspberry Pi Workshop: Make an HD Video Player

Cigar Box Spring/Slinky Reverb Workshop

Embroidering Neutra VDL Workshop

Programming the iPhone 101

3d Video Mapping Workshop

Electric Bodies Workshop

Seeing and Hearing Patterns in Sound Workshop

Light-Sensitive Oscillators: Learn to Make Sound Circuits

Intro to Arduino

Anne Hars – Architectural Drafting for Hackers, Makers and Visionary Dilettantes

Guitar Pedal Building Workshop

Interactive Ping Pong Music

Yodels of the World

Pantomime Workshop

Glitch Art Workshop

Bulgarian Singing Workshop

College of Lockpicking

Embroidery For Artists

Workshops from the Workshop on Workshops