circuits and design

electronics workshop: circuit design and fabrication = sound objects
saturday february 18 11am – 7pm
$80 materials included
instructor: brian crabtree
Sold out, thanks!

syllabus ond outline

Project: battery-powered audio amplifier with speaker and contact mic

Circuit boards are often much more durable and reliable than hand-wired projects. They allow you to generate many identical circuits quickly. They also look really nice.

By the end of the day each student will create a tangible product! we will design, layout in software, print, iron to copper board, etch in a chemical bath, and assemble.

we will cover: – schematic and board design using free software (eagle from – board design guidelines – board etching with cheap, accessible materials – assembly and mounting

cost: $80. all materials provided.

notes: – we will break at 2pm for an hour lunch. – bring a portable computer (mac or windows or linux). – bring a contact-mic-able* object. something that makes fascinating sound when struck. we will make small noises larger together.

*A Contact microphone is designed to pick up vibrations via a physical medium, as opposed to sound vibrations carried through air. One use for this is to detect sounds of a very low level (when carried through air), such as those from small objects or insects. The microphone commonly consists of a magnetic (moving coil) transducer, contact plate and contact pin. The contact pin is attached to the coil via the contact plate and is the mechanism that responds to vibration. Contact microphones have been used to pick up the sound of a snail’s heartbeat and the footsteps of ants. A portable version of this microphone has recently been developed.