sewing outline

Intro: setting up your machine

A. Winding the bobbin
B. threading the machine: bobbin and needle
c. getting comfortable with the pedal
D. reverse
E. stitch length and stitch patterns (zig-zag, stretch, etc.)
F. sewing a corner (turning fabric in machine)

PRACTICE-forwards, backwards, etc.

II. Beginning to Sew

A. pinning the seam-right sides together
B. seam allowance
C. sewing and pressing the seam (very important!)

PRACTICE: let’s make a pouch! (its simple and square)

Discussion on fabrics: (will provide samples)
-straight of grain vs. the selvage
-the bias and when it’s used
-preparation of the fabric before sewing

III. Commercial Patterns and Construction

A. Commercial Patterns-finding your size by learning to take your basic measurements
B. Laying out the pattern (notches, darts…) and deciphering pattern instructions
C. Putting the pieces together and stitching the garment

IV. Finishing

A. Trying on the garment and basic alterations to fit your body and style
B. Different techniques to finishing the seams (without a serger)
C. Hemming the garment

V. Extra Tidbits

A. zippers (different types for different garments)
B. setting in sleeves
C. Button holes