Machine This Week: January 20th to January 25th


Workshop: Projection Mapping Workshop
Thursday January 22nd, Monday January 26th, and Thursday January 29th // 7-10pm
We have a flurry of workshops planned for the coming weeks, first up being Projection Mapping, starting this Thursday, hosted by Kate Parsons and Gareth Walsh. This three session workshop will cover all you need to get started with the magical world of 3D projection mapping. We’ll create cheap 3D structures from mostly recycled materials in the Machine storefront, we’ll learn to create our own animations and video works, then we’ll learn to transform our structures through the miracle of light, into dazzling projection-magic. There are only a few spots left so sign-up fast!

Workshop: LitTech: Tools and Creative Writing Workshop
Saturday January 24th // 2-5pm
How do tools affect what we write, even how we think? And how do we find the right tool for the work of the moment? Join us at Machine Project this Saturday for a hands-on exploration of how technology shapes the creative process. Joshua Wolf Shenk, esteemed essayist and author, will guide participants through a series of exercises and free-writes using a variety of mediums: phones, typewriters, laptops, old fashion pen and paper… Reserve a spot today!

Event: Life Judge The Game!
Sunday, January 25th // 8:00pm
Want to play a game? Or don’t know what to do with your life? Wonderful. Join us Sunday evening for a game of Life Judge, a social game by Christopher Cole that uses group-based consensus as its central gameplay tool. Life-Judge allows players to pursue any (seriously, any) path in their lives and gives the group the power to determine the bounds of their universe. Make friends, fall in love, try to do stuff, die, and get judged!!! It’ll be a pleasant (and free) evening.

Upcoming Workshops at Machine Project


Hi friends, we’re back from vacation and have some enticing new workshops lined up for the coming weeks.

Workshops: Projection Mapping Workshop
Thursday January 22nd, Monday January 26th, and Thursday January 29th // 7-10pm
Join artists Kate Parsons and Gareth Walsh for three evenings exploring the magic of projection mapping. Using found and constructed materials, participants will learn how to create an elaborate stage for projected content. We will create moving animation and video works that will be used to transform and augment the stage. Finally we will learn how to projection map motion works onto the stage and transform it into a magical display of moving light and sounds.

Workshops: LitTech: Tools and Creative Writing Workshop
Saturday, January 24th from 2-5pm
How do tools affect what we write, even how we think? And how do we find the right tool for the work of the moment? Come to Machine Project Saturday, January 24th for a hands-on exploration of how technology shapes the creative process. Esteemed author and essayist Joshua Wolf Shenk will guide participants through a series of exercises and free-writes using a variety of mediums: phones, typewriters, computers, old fashion pen and paper… Please bring a laptop and smart phone.

Workshops: Urban Cat Architecture
Caturday February 7th, Caturday February 14th, and Caturday February 28th // 1-4pm
Are you tired of smelly kitty litter stinking up your living room? Wish your cat would stop scratching up your faux leather couch? Do you desire safe housing for those alley cats? Do we have news for you! Introducing… Urban Cat Architecture, coming to Caturdays in February! Artist Keith Rocka Knittel will host a series of workshops exploring the nuances of feline themed construction. Learn to build a window mounted litter box, elaborate scratching posts, and outdoor cat homes. SPECIAL SPECIAL SPECIAL Adopt a cat from 356 Mission’s Cat In Residence program and receive a discount on the workshops!

Holiday Re-Gifting with DIY Vacuum Forming

Sunday, December 14th // 2-5pm
$5 per gift
Email to RSVP
with Nick Rodrigues

Go through your closet and find those hidden treasures you’re ready to part with this holiday season. Bring them down to Machine this Sunday at 2pm and using our newly acquired electric oven, we will make our own custom DIY vacuum formed plastic packaging. Anything can be packaged for re-gifting! The old tomatoes in the back of your fridge, the coffee mug emblazoned with your alma-matter’s logo, the gorgeous hand-knit shawl your grandmother gave you last Christmas… The possibilities are limitless, but confined to 12″ L X 14″ W X 4″ H. The cost is $5 per package.

Machine This Week: Thanksgiving Weekend and Beyond


Workshops: Felting and Natural Dyeing with Cochineal and Indigo
Monday December 1st, from 7-10pm
Wednesday December 3rd, from 7-10pm

Did you know the British’ Red Coats were dyed with Cochineal, an insect possibly living on the cactus in your backyard? Or that cave paintings from 6500 BC incorporate felt appliquè? Come join artist Carolyn Mason as we explore the ancient techniques of felting and natural dyeing. Participants will learn to work with the raw materials that have defined the colors blue and red in our cultural consciousness for centuries, and we’ll get a glimpse into the surprisingly violent history of this soothing art form. You’ll go home with your very own indigo and cochineal, as well as felted forms of your own, created with a little modern assistance from our local Lucy’s laundromat. Please wear clothes you don’t mind staining.

Events: Amateur Hour with the Best Friends Learning Gang
Wednesday December 17th, from 7-10pm
Our friends Danielle and Joey of the Best Friends Learning Gang (BFLG), are hosting an Amateur Hour at Machine Project Wednesday, December 17th from 7-10pm. What is an Amateur Hour you ask? Imagine our normal Machine Project workshops but the instructor never shows up. Instead participants are left to figure it out on their own, pooling knowledge and skill sets to accomplish whatever it is they’ve decided to accomplish. So here’s what we’re asking: email by December 4th, with a brief proposal of what you’d like the BFLG do on the 17th. No project is too ambitious! Past Amateur Hours have included taxidermy, tattoos, and collective levitation. We at Machine Project will pick a proposal and acquire supplies, all you have to do is show up on the 17th ready and willing. Hope to see you there!

Machine This Week: November 3rd to November 9th

machthis week nov 3

Events: Know Thy Enemy!
Sunday, November 9th, at 8pm
Know Thy Enemy! is a workshop devoted to finding out what’s in our FBI files and a performance that makes that information public. Curious what the FBI has on file about you? Maybe there’s nothing. Maybe there’s a whole lot. Sunday night let’s find out, and explore the psychic dimensions of the surveillance state together. On 11/9, participants will gather at Machine Project for champagne and caviar. Janet and Ken will give a brief presentation on the Freedom Information of Act and the history of FBI profiling. Workshop participants will then complete the required FOIA steps to request our FBI files. Workshop participants should bring two forms of ID so that the request may be certified by a Notary Public.

Events: Machine Project Pizza at Mohawk Bend
All November
The good citizens at the Mohawk Bend have very kindly decided to honor Machine Project this month with a special pizza in our name. Defined primarily by our Executive Director’s allergens, The Machine Project Presents: Pizza comes with fried chicken, parmesan, fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce, and basil. $4 of every Machine Project pizza you buy goes directly to support our programming, so go out there and binge!

Machine This Week: October 21st to October 27th


Events: Multimedia Effects in the Haunted Mansion Workshop
Sunday, October 26th from 1-4pm
Announcing… back by popular demand… voted the 2012 Best Special Effects Workshop…. Chris Weisbart presents… Multimedia Effects in the Haunted Mansion Workshop! Arguably the most multimedia-rich experience at Disneyland is the Haunted Mansion, and although over 40 years old, it still leaves visitors scratching their heads as to how the effects were produced. In this 3-hour workshop, Chris Weisbart, multimedia artist, hardware hacker, (and lead artist of last year’s Alvarado Caverns and Mystery Theater), shows how the Disney Imagineers created this incredible attraction and discusses different ways you can use some of the same techniques at home for your own ghoulish Halloween effects. As per Mr. Weisbart’s request, all procedes will be donated directly to the Purple Electric Play!

Upcoming: Purple Electric Play! (PEP!)
Thursday, October 30th – Saturday, December 13th
Tickets are officially on sale now for the Purple Electric Play! Deep underground in our secret Mystery Theater, rehearsals are reaching a fever pitch, meanwhile upstairs in the Machine office our time is evenly split between picking ceramic baby teeth and jelly eyeballs out of our work papers, and crafting experimental fundraising emails. Tickets are $22 for the general public, and $17 for our beloved members. We expect tickets to sell out by the end of the week so act fast!

Machine This Week: October 14th to October 19th


Events: Dorkbot SoCal @ Machine Project
Sunday, October 19th from 11am-1pm
This Sunday we’re hosting the nerds from Dorkbot SoCal for an afternoon of presentations on the latest and greatest from the Maker world. Topics for sunday include Raspberry Pi controlled soil sensors for gardening in a drought, digital holograms, and robots controlled by cockroaches. It is sure to be a bizarre learning experience, the event is free, we hope you can join us!

Upcoming: Purple Electric Play! (PEP!)
Thursday, October 30th – Saturday, December 13th
At the end of this month we are debuting the Purple Electric Play! by Asher Hartman, in our custom-built, secret, underground, mystery theater. We have done many projects with Asher in the past – you may be familiar with his recent psychic reading of the Gamble House. Well that’s chump change compared to what Asher and his cohorts have in store at the end of the month. PEP! is a dense, messy, fantastical, and extravagant examination of privilege, power, and revolution, and it’s made specifically for you, the Machine Project audience. We think it’ll be the best thing we’ve ever done here, and we could really use your (financial) support to make it happen. Through our fundraising campaign you can make donations in exchange for porcelain body parts and private dinners with puppets, or just purchase two tickets to the show on the night of your choice. Please act sooner than later, you won’t regret it!

Pomona Studio Art Hall Opening Celebration

Saturday, October 11th // 1:30 pm to 9:00pm
Studio Art Hall 370 Columbia Ave. Claremont, CA

Beginning with a dedication at 1:30pm and running until a grand final event at 7:00pm, please come to the brand new Studio Art Hall at Pomona College, where you will have the chance to sketch (and snack on) an edible still-life, relax in a mirrored Steam Egg, listen to Georgian polyphonic singing in the glow of the darkroom safelight, dance to the joyfully experimental sounds of Daedelus, and eat tacos from a secret food elevator!

Machine This Week: October 6th to October 12th


Events: Purple Electric Play! (PEP!) Launch Party!
Wednesday, October 8th at 8pm
We are extremely excited to announce the impending opening of Purple Electric Play! (PEP!), the latest project by Machine friend and psychic Asher Hartman. Not to over hype it, but we think it’s going to be the best thing we’ve ever done, however it is also one of the more extravagant projects we’ve embarked on, and we need support from our beloved friends to make it happen. This Wednesday we’re kicking off our fundraising campaign with a launch party at Machine Project. We’ll be screening some of Asher’s past work, giving a sneak preview of the play, and trying to convince you to give us some money. We hope you’ll attend, please RSVP to if you’re planning on coming, and in the meantime check out our fundraising campaign here. (A $2500 donation gets you a dinner with four life-sized puppets at Taix, in Echo Park dinner not included).

WORKSHOPS: Guitar Pedal Building Workshop
Tuesday, October 14th from 7-10pm
Thursday, October 16th from 7-10pm

Guitar Pedal Building Workshop is your chance to build a guitar pedal to amaze and impress your friends. Led by Mike Wait of PopSoda and Butter Churning Aerobics, participants will learn soldering skills, circuits, signal flow, how to identify electronic components and what they do, and overall pedal construction. The first class will focus on building an OVERDRIVE pedal from scratch, followed by a class on modifying the pedal for each individual’s needs. For more info on this workshop and to sign up, click here.

Machine This Week: September 29th to October 5th


UPCOMING: Free Day at the Gamble House Part Deux
Thursday, October 2nd from 8pm – 10pm
If you missed our free day extravaganza at the Gamble House on Saturday, you have one more chance this Thursday night from 8-10pm. Hear the rose-vortex in its full musical glory, treat yourself to a private poetry reading in a historic closet! Performances by Patrick Ballard, Milka Djordjevich, Jibade-Khalil Huffman, and others will accompany self-guided tours throughout the evening.

UPCOMING: Public Space Singalong at Ciclavia
Sunday, October 5th at noon and 1pm
The third annual Public Space Singalong is this Sunday in the 2nd Street Tunnel, serenading Ciclavia goers with two singing sessions at noon and 1pm. You can enter the tunnel from Hill on the East side, and Figueroa from the West side. For songbooks and playlists join the event page.

We have three workshops being offered at the Gamble House this week.

Wednesday, October 1st from 7-10pm is Urban Cat Architecture with artist Keith Rocka Knittel. Keith will teach participants how to design cat dwellings of their own, exploring the emotional and physical needs of both humans and felines, with an emphasis on integrating cat homes into existing architectural styles.

Saturday, October 4th from 2-5pm, Lisa Anne Auerbach will teach you how to make soap, inspired by Proctor and Gamble’s rise to power through their Ivory Soap empire. The Soap Making workshop will cover mold making, scenting with natural oils, safe handling of lye, and more.

Saturday October 4th from 4-7pm, master embroiderer and artist Jenny Hart will lead Embroidery in Architecture, offering the rare opportunity to engage in domestic activity in one of the most architecturally significant homes in California. Participants will be provided an embroidery hoop, needles, embroidery floss, and a pre-printed design on fabric.