Claire Titelman Workshop of Filthy

Wednesday, September 30th // 8pm Thursday, October 1st, // 8pm at Machine Project with Claire Titelman $10 here Join us in the Machine Project Mystery Theater on Wednesday, September 30th and Thursday, October 1st, for two evenings with comedian Claire Titelman, as she workshops her solo show Filthy. Will it be standup? Storytelling? Dancing? Will […]

House in the Sky Screening

Thursday, September 24th // 9pm Machine Project Mystery Theater $10 here With Chris Woebken and Sascha Pohflepp Join us Thursday, September 24th in the Machine Project Mystery Theater for a stereoscopic screening of The House In The Sky, a film by Chris Woebken in collaboration with Sascha Pohflepp. See here for more info on the […]

Death Metal Vocals Workshop: Guttural Screams and Piercing Shrieks

Saturday, July 18th // 1-3pm Sunday, July 19th // 1-3pm Machine Project Mystery Theater With Lilia Bogoeva $35 for non-members, $30 for members. Join us Saturday, July 18th and Sunday, July 19th in the Machine Project Mystery Theater for our latest workshop covering the fine art of Death Metal vocals. Having a tough time at […]

Graceless Lady: Mystery Theater Dance Workshop

Final Performance July, 15th at 8:30pm. in the Machine Project Mystery Theater with Maria Garcia and Clare Kelly PERFORMANCE FREE, BUT SPACE IS LIMITED This summer, join us in the Machine Project mystery theater for an experimental dance workshop hosted by Maria Garcia and Clare Kelly. Beginning with the premise that dance and performance should […]


Sunday, June 21st // 8pm Machine Project Mystery Theater Performance de Dolores Dorantes y Román Luján Participan Juan Manuel Portillo y Hugo García Manríquez $10 for non-members, $5 for members. Un performance poético sobre la servidumbre y el servilismo de las minorías que crean sus pequeños imperios reproduciendo el sistema del imperio gringo-global. :)

Data Smuggler’s 101: PGP Email Encryption

Friday, May 29th // 8pm at Machine Project with Professor Y and the Crypto-trailer FREE RSVP to Data smugglers, whistleblowers, cyber couriers, and net-runners come down to Machine Project this Friday, May 29th at 8pm, to learn the basics of email encryption, as practiced in a real-world whistleblower scenario. The information is critical, security […]

Amateur Hour: Becoming Famous – Facial Contouring, Head Shots, Bios and More…

UPDATE: DATE CHANGED TO FRIDAY, MAY 22ND // 8PM at Machine Project with The Best Friends Learning Gang FREE Join the Best Friends Learning Gang on Friday, the 15th at 8pm for an amateur hour on BECOMING FAMOUS. Unlock the nebulous, mysterious secrets of fame in an evening of amateur-run activities, focused on the personal […]

Explorations in Teledildonics #1: Ian Ingram’s Robotic Lizards

Saturday, May 9th // 8pm at Machine Project Sunday, May 10th // 1-4pm at Elyria Canyon Park with Ian Ingram FREE This May we’re kicking off Machine Project’s newest long-term lecture series: Explorations in Teledildonics with a weekend of robotic lizard mating-rituals hosted by artist Ian Ingram. Ian is interested in the manmade object’s future […]

Workshop on Workshops

Saturday, May 9th // 1-4pm at Machine Project SOLD OUT!!! Are you a human who would like to learn how to share your knowledge with other humans? Do you work at an organization that would like to integrate workshops into your programming? Are you curious about the secret philosophies and logistics of Machine Project’s workshop […]

Bondage Hoods, Bagels, and Bloody Marys

Saturday, May 2nd // 11-2pm at Machine Project with Kim Ye and the students of Mark Allen’s Curatorial Class. SOLD OUT! What better way to spend a Saturday morning than brunch and crafts? Crafts with your local dominatrix, that is. Skip knitting club and get kinky with Kim Ye of LA’s Decameron Dungeon, and other […]

Android Netrunner Pizza Party

Saturday, April 25th // 8pm at Machine Project with Cyberpunk Reading Group FREE In the nightmarish digital hellscape of today, there are only two choices: CORP or RUNNER. Presenting… the cyberpunk card game that’s taking the world by storm: Android Netrunner. Which side will you choose? The CORP seeking to advance it’s corporate agendas? The […]

Secret Poetry Archive Party with Cedar Sigo and Friends

Sunday, April 19th // 5pm at Machine Project with Evan Burrows, Harmony Holiday, and Cedar Sigo FREE For the past several weeks we’ve been hosting secret nocturnal gatherings of poets beneath our floorboards, assembling a treasure trove of live poetry recordings. Soon we will unveil this collection on a public sound archive, where Machine poetry […]

Scraps and Hangers Screening

Friday, April 17th // 8pm at Machine Project with Poor Dog Group FREE Scraps and Hangers is a 30 minute video, made by Poor Dog Group. Non-linear and hypnotic, the work centers on PDG’s last project, stitching together pre-recorded screen tests, security camera footage, and promotional material. It’s repurposed performance documentation, and local access cable […]

Private Virtual Realities Workshop

Tuesday, April 7th // 7-10pm Thursday, April 9th // 7-10pm Tuesday, April 14th // 7-10pm at Machine Project $90 for members // $99 for non-members with kyttenjanae and thom rugo Click here to sign up for this workshop. In this workshop, we will explore the technological possibilities of creating private virtual realities. Over the course […]

High Desert Test Sites & Machine Project Off-Road Expo

Saturday, March 28th to Sunday March 29th $20 suggested payment Secret off-road location High Desert Test Sites and Machine Project are teaming up to present Off-Road Expo, coming March 28th and 29th. We’ve invited a few of our favorite artists and you, the public, to join us for a weekend of camping and art activity […]

Lizard Weekend: A Lecture for Lizards and Humans

Sunday, March 22nd // 8pm at Machine Project Free Troglodytes, ectomorphs, lizard people! Continuing our Lizard Weekend for Humans and Lizards, we’re hosting researcher Marion Preest, Sunday evening at 8pm in the Machine storefront. Dr. Preest will present on multiple aspects of feeding in lizards, from how chameleons lure their prey, to the influence of […]

Lizard Weekend: A Picnic Hike for Humans and Lizards

Saturday, March 21st // 3pm at Machine Project RSVP to Troglodytes, ectomorphs, lizard people unite! Machine Project presents Lizard Weekend: A Weekend for Humans and Lizards. We’ve planned a full weekend for and about our cold-blooded companions, kicking off Saturday afternoon with a hike and picnic for humans and lizards. Meet us in the […]

Sesión Continua: A Porn Theater in Echo Park

11:59 pm on Friday, March 20th to 11:59 pm on Saturday, March 21st at Machine Project (enter through side alleyway) $12 at the Door with Dirty Looks: Los Angeles DL: Los Angeles presents Sesión Continua: A Porn Theater in Echo Park, taking back the streets – way, way back to a period when freely flowing […]

Making History: California Graphic Design Roadshow

Saturday, March 14th // 12-5pm at Machine Project FREE Bring your SPECTACULAR examples of California graphic design from before the year 2000 in the form posters, books, flyers, stickers, LSD tabs, magazine, zines, pamphlets, cards, brochures, logos, motion graphics, animation, lettering, fonts, signage, record covers, tickets, ephemera, religious documents, cult graphics, games, buttons, badges, illustrations, […]

Typography, Aesthetics, and the Future of Reading

Monday, March 9th // 8pm at Machine Project FREE with Kevin Larson Is comic sans the perfect font? What’s the utility of designing the perfect layout? How will reading be different in the future? Kevin Larson is a reading psychologist working on Microsoft’s Advanced Reading Technologies team. His recent research has focused on the cognitive […]

DIY Art Space or Whatever – Sold Out!

Sunday, March 8th, 2015 5-8pm An invitation from Mark Allen, the guy who started Machine Project: “Hey you! Have you ever thought about starting your own art/music/literary/performance/whatever space? Why not? Los Angeles is a rich environment for creating low cost, grassroots venues of all kinds. Based on my experience with starting Machine Project and a […]

Peter Blasser, Ezra Buchla, and Sejayno Musical Performance

Saturday, March 7th // 8pm at Machine Project FREE Saturday, March 7th we’re hosting analog synth designer and musician Peter Blasser at Machine Project. Peter will present new and old synthesizers, such as the Tocante touchers, Shbobo squishers, and a Deerhorn Organ. Musical friends Ezra Buchla and Sejayno will assist in an overture and recitative. […]

LED Bicycle Wheel Animation Workshop

Saturday, March 7th // 1-4pm Sunday, March 8th // 1-4pm at Machine Project $100 for members // $120 for non-members with Alex Bielawiec and Charles Dandino Click here to sign up for this workshop. The next CicLAvia is on March 22nd, so in preparation we are hosting a weekend of spinning LED bicycle magic, led […]

Train the Trainer: Wikipedia Editing Workshop | Art + Feminism

Monday, March 2nd // 7pm at Machine Project FREE RSVP here One of the best ways you can engage with Wikipedia as a feminist is to learn the policies and teach them to others. This two-hour session will prepare facilitators and volunteers who plan to participate in the second annual Art+Feminism edit-a-thon weekend, which includes […]

DIY Miso Workshop

Sunday, March 1st // 5-7pm at Machine Project $35 for members // $40 for non-members with Bob Dornberger of Secret Restaurant Click here to sign up for this workshop. Come learn how to make your own miso in a hands-on workshop that demystifies the fermented soybean product. Participants will learn how rice innoculated with the […]

Past Life Regression and 3D Modeling Workshop

Saturday, February 21st // 1-4pm Tuesday, February 24th // 7-10pm Thursday, February 26th // 7-10pm at Machine Project $80 for members // $100 for non-members with Krystal Krunch and Chris Weisbart Click here to sign up for this workshop. The workshop you’ve been waiting for is here! Presenting… Past Life Regression and 3D Modeling. Ever […]

Dear God, Why? The Catholic Dead on Display

Friday, February 20th // 8pm at Machine Project FREE with Elizabeth Harper RSVP to “Dear God, why?!” I’ve overheard the phrase so many times. Under electric chandeliers made of human bone in a church crypt. At the shrine of a saint, where tourists come to see her disembodied head. And in front of an […]

Tarot Deck Making and Reading Workshop

Thursday, February 19th // 7-10pm at Machine Project $5 for members // $10 for non-members with Amy Von Harrington and Marty Windahl Click here to sign up for this workshop. Come down to Machine Project Thursday, February 19th for an evening of tarot deck making and reading. Amy Von Harrington, artist and tarot deck maker, […]

Sunset to Sunset: Walk to the Beach

Sunday, February 15th // 7:30am at Machine Project with Joshua Ketchum FREE RSVP to Dear friends, Please join us on Sunday, February 15th as we (attempt) to walk from Machine Project to the Beach. We’ll navigate our city on foot, traversing avenues, alleyways, boulevards, and Starbucks restrooms. We’ll brave blisters and sunburns, but we’re […]


Friday, February 13th // 8pm at Machine Project FREE RSVP to Introducing… Hour of Power REDUX 2, coming this Friday the 13th at 8pm. Here’s how it works: create a TIMED powerpoint presentation, 3.33 minutes or less and email it to In honor of this most auspicious Friday, we’re loosely theming presentations around […]

Felting and Natural Dyeing Workshop

Sunday, February 8th // 1-5pm at Machine Project $40 for members // $45 for non-members with Carolyn Mason Click here to sign up for this workshop. Come celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Sheep, with our latest workshop Felting and Dyeing with Cochineal and Indigo! Artist Carolyn Mason will lead participants in a […]

Urban Cat Architecture

Caturday, February 7th // 1-4pm Caturday, February 14th // 1-4pm Caturday, February 28th // 1-4pm at Machine Project $90 for members // $100 for non-members with Keith Rocka Knittel Click here to sign up for this workshop. Introducing…. Urban Cat Architecture coming to you for three Caturdays in February! Join us for an exploration of […]

The Third Rail Issue 4 Launch, Plumb Line screening

Wednesday, January 28th // 7-9pm at Machine Project FREE With The Third Rail Quarterly Come to Machine Project to celebrate the launch of Issue 4 of The Third Rail Quarterly. We’ll have refreshments and copies of the latest issue available (featuring a sneak preview of Patrick Ballard’s upcoming project at Machine!), and we’ll be screening […]

Life Judge

Sunday, January 25th // 8:00pm at Machine Project with Christopher Cole Free! RSVP to Want to play a game? Or don’t know what to do with your life? Great. You should come play Life-Judge, the social game by integrated media artist Christopher Cole that uses group-based consensus as its central gameplay tool. Life-Judge allows […]

LitTech: Tools and Creative Writing Workshop

Saturday, January 24th // 2-5pm at Machine Project with Joshua Wolf Shenk $25 for members // $30 for non-members Click here to sign up for this workshop. How do tools affect what we write, even how we think? And how do we find the right tool for the work of the moment? Join us at […]

Projection Mapping Workshop

Thursday, January 22nd // 7-10pm Monday, January 26th // 7-10pm and Thursday, January 29th // 7-10pm at Machine Project with Kate Parsons and Gareth Walsh $105 for members // $120 for non-members SOLD OUT! “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” – Arthur C. Clarke In this workshop we will be investing the mysterious […]

Amateur Hour with the Best Friends Learning Gang: HYPNOSIS

Wednesday, December 17th // 7-10pm FREE Email to RSVP with Danielle Bustillo and Joey Canizarro The Best Friends Learning Gang is an experiment “that engages in learning as an embodied, decentralized, undisciplined activity.” They host “Amateur Hours” around Los Angeles and beyond, which challenge traditional top-down models of education. Instead their workshops are leaderless, […]

Holiday Re-Gifting with DIY Vacuum Forming

Sunday, December 14th // 2-5pm $5 per gift Email to RSVP with Nick Rodrigues Go through your closet and find those hidden treasures you’re ready to part with this holiday season. Bring them down to Machine this Sunday at 2pm and using our newly acquired electric oven, we will make our own custom DIY […]

Dorkbot Socal at Machine Project

Sunday, December 7th // 12-2pm Free // Presentations by Brian Goeltzenleuchter, Soyoung Shin, Brian Matthews, and Adam Florin Dorkbot Socal returns to Machine Project this Sunday at noon, for an afternoon of presentations from Los Angeles artists and makers. Topics this month include mechanized scent distribution, Valentine’s Day perversions, 3D printed parrots, and loom […]

Know Thy Enemy!

Sunday, November 9th// 8pm $10 // RSVP here with Ken Ehrlich and Janet Sarbanes Know Thy Enemy! is a workshop devoted to finding out what’s in our FBI files and a performance that makes that information public. Curious what the FBI has on file about you? Maybe there’s nothing. Maybe there’s a whole lot.  Let’s […]

Multimedia Effects in the Haunted Mansion workshop

In this 4-hour workshop, Chris Weisbart, hardware hacker and multimedia developer at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, shows how the Disney Imagineers created the Haunted Mansion and discusses different ways you can use some of the same techniques at home for your own ghoulish Halloween effects.

Guitar Pedal Building Workshop

Tuesday, October 14th // 7-10pm
Thursday, October 16th // 7-10pm
at Machine Project
Guitar Pedal Building Workshop is your opportunity to become amazing and impressive, by building a guitar overdrive pedal FROM SCRATCH.
With instructor Mike Wait.

Embroidering in Architecture Workshop

Saturday, October 4th // 4-7pm
Aunt Julia’s Sleeping Porch at the Gamble House
Artist, author and embroidery designer Jenny Hart will lead an embroidery workshop in the remarkable attic of the Gamble House.

Soap Making Workshop

Saturday, October 4th // 2-5pm
with instructor Lisa Anne Auerbach
Inspired by the “House That Soap Built” off of Orange Grove Blvd, participants in this workshop will learn how to make cold process soap with a reusable mold and take home their very own Gamble House citrus soap!

The Urban Cat Architecture Workshop

Wednesday, October 1st // 7-10pm
with instructor Keith Rocka Knittel
Learn how to design a cat dwelling by examining historical references, construction techniques and designs.

Afternoon Tea with the Women of the Gamble House

Sunday, September 28th // 3pm-6pm with the Women’s Center for Creative Work.
The Women’s Center for Creative Work (WCCW) presents an Afternoon Tea hosted by Pasadenans of 1909. Featuring light musical entertainment and a presentation of the history of Women’s Organizations in Southern California, early twentieth century female household staff will serve iced tea and snacks from honored Gamble-family recipes. A special tour will focus on women’s spaces and work by female artisans.

The Gamble Birdhouse Workshop

Sunday, September 28th // 11am-2pm with instructors Scout Regalia
Workshop participants will build their own edible birdhouse inspired by the architectural elements and detailing of the Gamble House with nuts, seeds, birdfeed brittle, and other aviary accommodating accoutrements.

Letter Writing Workshop

Sunday, September 21st // 4pm-7pm with instructor Mercedes Teixido
Using correspondence examples from The Gamble House inhabitants, participants will learn letter writing techniques through both the form (script, paper, envelopes) and content of period specific letter writing.

Paper Cutting Workshop

Saturday, September 20th // 4pm-7pm with instructor Kaitlynn Redell
In this workshop participants will learn the basics of paper cutting while exploring the intricate architectural and interior design motifs of The Gamble House. We will learn a variety of cutting techniques, including how to create a template and work with various papers.

Plant Preservation and Natural Perfumery Workshop

Saturday, September 20th // 1pm-4pm with instructor Divya Anantharaman
Starting with a history of human-plant/aromatic relationships since ancient times, participants will learn plant preservation procedures, including how to create an essential oil fragrance from historically accurate recipes.

Solar Sun Chime Workshop

Saturday, September 20th // 11am-2pm in the Basement of the Gamble House with instructor David Casey $50 for members // $60 for non-members CLICK HERE to sign up for this workshop Ever wanted to learn how to build your own solar-powered gadgets for use in sustainable installations & outdoor computing? This workshop will provide an […]

Anthony McCann Book Release: Thing Music

Saturday, September 13th @ 8:00 PM Machine Project 1200 D North Alvarado St Los Angeles, CA 90026 Anthony McCann reads selections from his new book of poetry Thing Music Join us Saturday, September 13th for a lovely evening of poetry with Anthony McCann, celebrating the release of his new book Thing Music. Event begins at […]

Scraping, Munging and Mining

Tuesday, September 2nd // 7-10pm Thursday, September 4th // 7-10pm & Tuesday, September 9th // 7-10pm at Machine Project with instructor Anthony Arroyo $80 for members // $90 for non-members CLICK HERE to sign up for this workshop Did you know that humans are responsible for only 39% of internet traffic? The rest is composed […]

Machine Project Comedy Special

!LIVE@8PM!!LIVE@8PM!!LIVE@8PM!!LIVE@8PM!!LIVE@8PM!!LIVE@8PM!!LIVE@8PM!!LIVE@8PM!!LIVE@8PM! Sunday, August 31st at 8pm sharp on computers everywhere $00.25 There was the moon landing, the Watergate hearings, the 1980 Men’s Hockey Finals, the Super Bowl XXXVIII Wardrobe Malfunction, and now… television history will be made again. Tune in to this page, Sunday, August 31st at 8pm sharp for the first ever Machine Project […]

Hour of Power REDUX with LASECA

Tuesday, August 19th // 8:00pm at Machine Project Free Machine Project presents an evening of Powerpoint presentations from the students and guests of the Los Angeles Seminary for Civic and Embodied Art. Powerpoints are limited to 6.66 minutes each, or roughly 6 minutes and 39 seconds, and will cover a range of topics including but […]


Thursday, August 7th at 7pm at Machine Project Free Machine Project super summer interns Brita Loeb and Wendy Ho invite you to their event, NO PARENTS NO RULES. This night of semi-sanctioned pandemonium will defy Machine’s “strict policies and administration” through a variety of intern performances and interactive (and INTERNactive) entertainment. Stand-up comedy, makeovers, fort […]

Becoming More Anonymous

Wednesday, August 6th // 7-10pm Wednesday, August 13th // 7-10pm & Wednesday, August 20th // 7-10pm at Machine Project $90 for members // $110 for non-members CLICK HERE to sign up for this workshop Becoming Anonymous is a three-session workshop that will focus on methods for the circumvention or blocking of digital and real-world surveillance. […]

Autotune City Hall Rehearsal

Sunday, August 3rd // 1-4pm at Machine Project Free Have you always wanted to send a message to city government in the form of a poorly autotuned 90 second jingle?? Now is your chance! Come to Machine Project anytime from 1-4pm this Sunday, August 3rd, with a half-baked message to city government that you’d like […]

Beginning Raspberry Pi – Getting Started with Video and Audio

Part 1: Tuesday, July 29th // 7-10pm Part 2: Thursday, July 31st // 7-10pm Part 3: Tuesday, August 5th // 7-10pm at Machine Project $180 for members // $200 for non-members CLICK HERE to sign up for this workshop Deadline to register is Tuesday, July 22nd. Instructor: Clay Chaplin In this workshop we will cover […]

Machinations in the Library

Saturday, July 26th Event check-in and doors at 8:00 PM Central Library, 5th Street entrance 630 W 5th Street Los Angeles, CA 90071 Installations and Performances with Joel Fox, Jibade-Khalil Huffman, Jeepneys, Jmy James Kidd and Tara ONeil Machine Project artists reimagine and respond to the Central Library’s space and/or collections. From a sound and […]

Salon des Refusés

Saturday, July 19th // 2:30pm and Sunday, July 20th // 4:30pm at Machine Project Free Drop by air-conditioned Machine for a series of rescheduled roaming theater performances in the first ever Machine Project Roaming Theater Salon des Refusés (MPRTSdR). After an awesome (and unbearably hot) run in Grand Park, we have transported the Roaming Theatre […]

Wild Clay Workshop – SOLD OUT!

Sunday, July 13th // 1-5pm at Machine Project $50 for members // $60 for non-members CLICK HERE to register. Deadline to register is Thursday, July 3rd. Somewhere near you, wherever you are, there is clay to be found. Learn to identify local clay, and then process some of this special dirt into a workable material. […]

Behind the Scenes with OK Go

Friday, June 27th at 8-11pm at Machine Project Free for members // $999 for non-members CLICK HERE to reserve a ticket Dear Machine Project members, Please join us for an informal behind the scenes event with Ok Go on their new music video, The Writing’s on the Wall. This video is filled with mind-blowing optical illusions […]

Data Art Workshop – SOLD OUT

4 Wednesdays: June 25th, July 2nd, July 9th, July 16th // 7-10pm at Machine Project $125 for members // $140 for non-members CLICK HERE to register. Wind Map by   Learn how to make artwork out of basic data manipulation in this four-session Data Art class taught by Anthony Arroyo. You’ll learn basic Javascript […]

PhoneGap 101: Utilizing Web Technologies for Mobile Apps

Tuesday, June 10th and Thursday, June 12th // 7-10pm $80 for members // $90 for non-members $75 if you combine this class with the purchase of Web Fundamentals for Mobile Design on June 3rd & 5th CLICK HERE to sign up for this workshop Raphael Arar will help you get started making native apps for […]

Palm-Reading and Life-Casting Workshop

Sunday, June 8th // 12-4pm at Machine Project $105 for members // $120 for non-members CLICK HERE to register. First, students will use an alginate-based non-toxic process to make a full life-cast of their hands. Then, tarot and palmistry expert Zac Monday will teach us the basics of palm-reading and we will read our wax […]

Neanderthalism: Handmade Art Materials from your Backyard Workshop

Saturday, May 31st OR Saturday, June 7th // 1-5pm at Machine Project $70 for members // $80 for non-members CLICK HERE to sign up for the June 7th session. May 31st session is sold out! CLICK HERE to be put on the waitlist. Interested in making inexpensive art supplies using materials you gather in your […]

Web Fundamentals for Mobile Design Workshop

Tuesday, June 3rd and Thursday, June 5th // 7-10pm $80 for members // $90 for non-members $75 if you combine this class with the purchase of PhoneGap 101 on June 10th & 12th CLICK HERE to sign up for this workshop Raphael Arar will teach you the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript in the […]

Intermediate Arduino: Automated Household Electronics

Sunday, May 18th // 1-5pm $60 for members // $70 for non-members Cancelled, sorry! Have basic knowledge of arduino scripting and your own arduino board, but want to go deeper? This workshop with David Casey will teach you how to turn anything that can be plugged into an AC power outlet on and off with […]

That’s just, like, your color experience, man – The History of Questioning Color Perception

Thursday, May 8th at 8pm at Machine Project Free Have you ever wondered whether other people’s color experience is the same as your own? Have you ever wondered why you wondered about this: that is, why you wondered about whether other people’s color experience is the same as your own? In this talk, Professor Zed […]

DIY Art Space or Whatever – Sold Out

Saturday, May 3rd from 3-6pm – at Machine Project Sold Out, Sorry — CLICK HERE to be put on the wait list A sort-of annual invitation from Mark Allen, the guy who started Machine Project: “Hey you! Have you ever thought about starting your own art/music/literary/performance/whatever space? Why not? Los Angeles is a rich environment […]

Hold Your Applause : Four Takes on Clapping

Friday, May 2nd at 8pm at Machine Project Free Applause Machine (in Construction Yellow), designed by Martin Smith for Laikingland   An event about clapping, organized on the occasion of Cabinet magazine’s new issue on Celebration. Writer Kate Wolf will speak about clapping history, etiquette, and semiotics; musicians Nick Tamburro and John Atkinson will perform […]

Circuit Drawing 101 Workshop

Saturday, April 19th and Sunday, April 20th // 1pm – 6pm $135 for members // $150 for non-members CLICK HERE to register; deadline to register is Monday, April 14th Spend a weekend first learning the basics of circuitry and electronics, and then hand-drawing artworks that double as devices that make sound, light up or compute. […]

Flip of the Wrist

Thursday, April 10 at 8pm at Machine Project Free Polphonic Ring Cycle, The King Pins, 2009   Machine Project presents a one night screening of animated short experimental films and videos from artists across the world. Through illustration, live action and stop motion, Flip of the Wrist reconsiders animation as a form of performance document, […]

Workshop on Workshops NYC

Thursday, April 10th at 7pm at the CUNY Center for the Humanities in Manhattan Free CLICK HERE to register for the event Workshop on Workshops is a two hour session on the creation, planning and production of educational programs as a form of experimental curation. The process begins with an intensive brainstorming exercise where each […]