Guitar Pedal Building Workshop

Thursday, May 16th 7 – 10pm Build your own guitar effects pedal in this 3 hour intensive workshop. You will receive hands-on, step-by-step instruction on assembling a Vintage Jordan™ Bosstone™ Replica, which is a great sounding, simple Fuzztone. SOLD OUT! Sign up at the following link: In this class you will also learn: Types […]

Carmina Escobar – Massagem Sonora

Sunday, May 12th 2013 // 4-6pm At The Korean Bell of Friendship, Angel’s Gate Park // 3601 Gaffey St, San Pedro, CA 90731 Free Massagem Sonora, by Carmina Escobar from machine project on Vimeo. An experiment on intimacy, personal space and bodily resonance by Carmina Escobar. Massagem Sonora establishes a relationship of discovery between individuals, […]

Improvised Sound Ping Pong Tournament

Sunday, May 12th 2pm Honor your mothers by attending an event that combines a ping pong tournament with improvised sound. Each player will be teamed up with a musician who will be using direct output generated from gameplay, and as the tournament progresses, improvised duets will arise. Participating musicians include Casey Anderson, Raphael Arar, Clay […]

Anna Petrisko – Jeepneys’ Bowling With Aliens

Jeepneys’ Bowling With Aliens by Anna Petrisko from machine project on Vimeo. Anna Petrisko – Jeepneys’ Bowling With Aliens Saturday, May 11th 2013 // 8-10pm at All Star Lanes Bowling Center // 4459 Eagle Rock Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90041 Free Jeepneys and alien friends host a celestial bowling party, followed by a parking lot […]

Interactive Ping Pong Music

Friday, May 10th 7 – 10pm FREE Composed by Joshua Gerowitz and performed by Brendan Carn, Casey Anderson, Louis Lopez, Stephanie Zaletel and Daniel Eaton. Computers, traditional instruments, cell phones and speaker objects will be used to realize this site specific composition focused on interaction, exploration and socialization. Everyone in attendance will have a chance […]

Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe

Wednesday, May 1st 8pm FREE Join us for the next installment of East of Borneo’s EATS of Borneo series: A special screening of “WERNER HERZOG EATS HIS SHOE” (1980, 20 min.), in memory of the great documentary filmmaker Les Blank who passed away on April 7. The short documentary features Herzog fulfilling the bet that […]

A guided tour of a portion of a city that i don’t particularly know

Tuesday, April 30th and Wednesday, May 1st 6pm A performed poetical pet-free potential little adventure to be walked head-on in the very ignorant company of Dominique Gilliot, a French artist who, although she doesn’t know shit much about this part of the town (nor about Los Angeles as a whole either), has got a (naïve […]

Chance meeting in a storefront of a ping pong table and a sound installation

Sunday, April 28th 3 – 5pm Raphael Arar & Wyatt Penn Keusch invite you to experience a ping pong table and some sound at Machine Project. A set of activities will be available upon arrival—you may choose whether or not to follow them. The only guidelines are to interact with the space (play a match, […]


Saturday, April 27th 8pm FREE Ping and Pong have been partnered for years, but very little consideration is given to the intense, simmering rivalry that lurks just beneath the surface. In this audience-controlled lecture, Jason Torchinsky will explore the parallel and separate histories of both all the things he could find named Ping and Pong, […]

Yodels of the World

Saturday, April 27th 3 – 5pm $30 general admission $25 Machine Project members With Kate Conklin. We will learn all kinds of yodeling, herding calls and glottal techniques including but not limited to yodels from America, Africa, Bulgaria/ the Balkans, and Scandinavia, including Swedish kulning. We will also cover Jewel, Zap Mama and Alanis Morissette. […]

Pantomime Workshop

Monday, April 22nd 7 – 9pm $35 general admission $25 Machine Project members With Benedikt Negro & Kate Conklin This workshop will explore the spectrum of movement, and how Alexander Technique and Pantomime can be used to take movement to its very essence, and develop movement into stylized physicality, create illusion, convey and evoke emotion, […]

The Day of Speculative Motion

Sunday, April 21st Ongoing from 9am to midnight A screening of works by Kelly Sears. The Day of Speculative Motion presents a series of dystopic short works featuring wayward astronauts, ghostly beauty queens, eager soldiers, haunted ex-presidents alluring telephone operators and doomed 1970s high school students. Kelly Sears uses popular American imagery to create parafictional […]

Reanimation Library Debriefing and Word Processor Launch

Thursday, April 18th 8pm FREE Reanimation Library founder Andrew Beccone will present an overview of the library’s history, objectives, and activities. Los Angeles-based writers Colin Dickey and Bruna Mori will read from their contributions to Word Processor, the library’s ongoing exploration of its own holdings. Dickey will respond to Abyss: The Deep Sea and the […]

Nature Hike to the Ruins of Poetry and Song

Sunday, April 14th 3:30 – 7:15pm We will hike from the end of Lake Avenue in Altadena to the ruins of the Echo Mountain Resort. Once we arrive at the resort Kirsty Singer will be reading poems to touch trees, dirt, plants and rocks by and John Martin will be singing songs for people to […]

Glitch Art Workshop

Saturday, April 13th 1 – 5pm Instructor: Phillip Stearns Learn how to databend and datamosh images and video, to compress and re-compress, animate, break, re-animate, and turn conventional image processing inside out. In this crash course on Glitch Art we will cover a wide variety of extended techniques for software based image and video file […]

DIY Art Space or Whatever

Saturday, April 6th, 2013 4pm APOLOGIES DEAR PEOPLE, BUT WE ARE TOTALLY FULL. Email with the subject line [thanks for nothing] to be on the wait list for next time An invitation from Mark Allen, the guy who started Machine Project: “Hey you! Have you ever thought about starting your own art/music/literary/performance/whatever space? Why […]

Bulgarian Singing Workshop

Saturday, March 30 Part 1 (beginners): 3 – 5pm Part 2 (advanced): 5:15 – 6:30 Taught by Kate Conklin. Part I (open to all) We will learn tone production, odd meters, ornamentation and songs from the stunning Bulgarian polyphonic tradition. No previous experience necessary, ability to match pitch highly recommended. Part II (advanced techniques) Open […]

Emily Mast & Hana van der Kolk – Six Twelve One By One

Saturday, March 16th 2013 // 6:30pm at ‘The Onion’ UU Church // 9550 Haskell Ave, North Hills, CA 91343 Free Emily Mast and Hana van der Kolk present Six Twelve One By One, a performance of six soon-to-be-first-time moms that examines the pregnant body through a series of task-like actions, movements, and dances. The performance is staged […]

Jibade-Khalil Huffman

Friday, March 15th 8pm FREE “A Novella and Stories” Artist and writer Jibade-Khalil Huffman presents a screening of recent text/image projects. Making use of the subtitle, these poems, in the form of slideshows/moving pictures, translate the varieties of the absurd into poetry. Huffman will present several long form slide works and will read fragments of […]

American Pi-Dol

Thursday, March 14th 8pm EVENT IS SOLD OUT! To celebrate National Pi Day (March 14th), Machine Project is hosting American Pi-dol: Pie of the Month Club. The American Idol-style event will feature a talent show where participants will show off a Pi or Pie-related talent or trick, judged by Machine Project Director Mark Allen, Top […]

Expressive Machines

Tuesday, March 12th 8pm FREE Expressive Machines is a band of sonic thrill seekers, composers who have turned to the creation of novel robotic musical instruments to achieve their musical vision. Founded in Charlottesville, Virginia by Troy Rogers, Steven Kemper, and Scott Barton in 2007, the multifaceted organization operates as a composers’ collective, performance troupe, […]

The Book Of Frank by CAConrad

Friday, March 8th 8pm FREE CAConrad, our favorite poet and all-around enthusiast from Philadelphia will be in residence and will read from his work THE BOOK OF FRANK in its entirety. The son of white trash asphyxiation, his childhood included selling cut flowers along the highway for his mother and helping her shoplift. Enjoy a […]

College of Lockpicking

Tuesday, March 5th 7 -9pm $30 for general admission / Machine Project members email for $15 discount code. Note: Registration is via the College of Lockpicking. Lockpicking tools are required for this class & can be purchased along with registration. SOLD OUT! You can pick your friends. You can pick your beer. But can […]

Embroidery For Artists

Sunday, March 3rd noon – 3pm Instructor: Jenny Hart Registration is $60 for the general public / $45 for Machine Project members (enter MEMBER as promotional discount code). Sign up here: Learn the basics of hand embroidery from Jenny Hart in a class that focuses on textural effects and free-form techniques. Hart will give […]

Workshops from the Workshop on Workshops

Sunday, February 24th Morning Section: 10 to noon Afternoon section: 2 to 5pm We just did a workshop on teaching workshops with a dozen brilliant UCLA grad students, out which came this bunch of one hour educational experiments. If you’re a Machine member and would enjoy helping us test these out, send an email to […]

“You Will Be My Music” with Fol Chen

Saturday, February 23rd One hour sessions from 4 to 8pm This workshop will be available to only four lucky Machine Project members. Fol Chen will invite non-musicians into a mobile studio, where over the course of an hour-long session the band will help participants to literally “cover” a favorite pop song, assisting them to record […]

Cliff Hengst

Friday, February 22nd 8pm FREE I Left My Heart by Cliff Hengst from machine project on Vimeo. Artist Cliff Hengst is visiting us from San Francisco. You may remember Cliff from our video of his uphill performance during the Southern Machine Exposure Project last summer (see above). We’re still not exactly sure what Cliff has […]

2nd Sober & Lonely Synchronised Running Club Run

Saturday, February 16th 6:30am FREE Following the Inaugural Sober & Lonely Synchronised Running Club Run in Los Angeles and Johannesburg in August 2012, we invite you to join us for the 2nd Sober & Lonely Synchronised Running Club Run this February. The route will be a short but hilly 3.45 mile loop along Marathon Street […]

The Forgotten Ephemera of Genius

Friday, February 15th 8pm FREE Join us as Noah Sneider explores the origins and development of Russian animation. Noah will discuss a pair of early pioneers, Alexander Shiryaev and Wladyslaw Starewicz, whose story features highly flammable film stock, shin-shattering folk dance and stop-motion beetles. Additional topics of interest include the Soviet version of Winnie-the-Pooh, Interplanetary […]

DIY Tonic & Bitters Class

Tuesday, February 12th 7 – 10pm Registration is $50 for non-members / $40 for members (enter MEMBER for discount promotional code). All materials included. Sign up at the following link: Cocktail enthusiasts will go home with your own batch of aromatic bitters, made in the pre-prohibition style, with their own two hands.

Intro to Arduino

Saturday, February 9th, Sunday, February 10th, Saturday, February 16th & Sunday, February 17th 12 – 3pm Instructor: Scott Cazan Non-members: $250 Members: $225 All Materials Included. Sign up at the following link (Machine Project members please use discount code MEMBER when purchasing ticket): Learn about Arduino and explore many of its artistic applications. An […]

You Talk the Talk

Friday, February 8th 8pm The final event of our “Paris at Machine Project” programming. Artist Fayçal Baghriche will talk about his work and his time here in Los Angeles. “Fayçal Baghriche’s performances, videos and installations are stamped with a distinctive approach to everyday existence and the forms of behaviour it induces. Using semantic discrepancies and […]

Lie Detector Workshop

Thursday, February 7th 8 – 11pm Registration is $50 for non-members / $40 for members (enter MEMBER for promotional discount code). All materials are included in the registration fee & the lie detector is yours to keep! Sign up at the following link: Having doubts about someone’s motives or trustworthiness? Allow technology to put […]

Musical Soldering Workshop

Tuesday, February 5th 8 – 11pm Registration is $50 for non-members / $40 for members (enter MEMBER for promotional discount code). All materials are included and the synthesizer is yours to keep! Learn to solder in this 3 hour workshop! Mark Allen will lead participants in building a primitive, but totally rad hand-held musical […]

Mind Reading Workshop

Sunday, February 3rd Noon – 3pm Registration is $50 for non-members / $40 for members (enter MEMBER for discount promotional code). Sign up at the following link: Watch your intuitive powers magically grow! Marvel as you instantly connect with human beings! Join artist intuitive duo Krystal Krunch in an intensive workshop that will guide […]

Concert of Field Recordings

Friday, February 1st 8pm FREE Featuring Tom Erbe and Patrick Farmer. Our recent field recording workshop will conclude with a concert of workshop participant works and two very special performances and presentations by Tom Erbe (Soundhack, Echophon) and Patrick Farmer (Compost and Height). If you are remotely interested in field recording, sound, and experimental music […]

Paris at Machine Project

Saturday, January 26th 5 – 10pm 5pm : Davide Balula “Analog Heart” In this performance certified instructor Kevin Kinnon will demonstrate CPR (réanimation Cardio-Vasculaire) techniques and procedures while musicians illustrate the sounds of the body fluids and heartbeats via analogue synthesizers. Featuring heartbeat synthesizers: Wyatt Penn Keusch, James Lake, Dan Letourneau, Raphael Arar. Attention: Although […]

Field Recording Workshop

Saturday, January 26th : Noon – 2:30pm Sunday, January 27th : 2 – 6pm Concert of class recordings on Friday, February 1st : 8pm Instructor: Clay Chaplin $45 for members / $60 for non-members Register at the following link (members please use promotional discount code = MEMBER) Given the increase of field recordings as […]

Sound Synthesis Class

Taught by Christopher Mckinlay Tuesday 1/22 Thursday 1/24 Tuesday 1/29 Thursday 1/31 7pm — 10pm Non-members – $250 Members – $225 CLASS CANCELLED. fourier transform modulus of a cosine The electronic synthesis of audio signals is a wonderful combination of mathematics (harmonic analysis and linear differential equations) and electrical engineering (analog and digital signal processing). […]


Tuesday, January 15th 7 – 9pm Registration is $20 for non-members / $15 for members (discount promotional code = MEMBER). Tickets can be purchased at the following link: This workshop will teach you to separate various components in food, not biochemically (like your stomach), or mechanically/pretentiously (like molecular gatronomists), but chemically, using the basic […]

No Nutritional Value: Introduction to Modern Food

Sunday, December 16th 8pm FREE In the effort to promote proper nutrition, Fontbron Academy is proud to present “No Nutritional Value: Introduction to Modern Food”: a free lecture designed to elucidate the student in the correct ways of healthy eating, safe dieting, and table manners. Topics discussed will include: Table manners Purging What not to […]

Dorkbot SoCal

Sunday, December 16th 1 – 3pm FREE Dorkbot SoCal is a monthly meeting of artists (sound/image/movement/whatever), designers, engineers, students and other interested parties from the Los Angeles / Southern California area who are involved in the creation of electronic art (in the broadest sense of the term.) Presenters include: Michael Kontopoulos Michael Kontopoulos is an […]

Dodie Bellamy and Kevin Killian

Saturday, December 15th 8pm FREE Join us for a reading of poetry and prose by Bay Area writers Dodie Bellamy and Kevin Killian. Dodie will be reading a piece on activism, poetry, and Tommy James & the Shondells. Kevin will be reading from a new novel Spreadeagle (Publication Studio) and some Christmas-type things.

The Winchester Mystery House

Friday, December 14th 8pm FREE Colin Dickey will tell tales of the Winchester Mystery House, the sprawling 161-room Victorian monstrosity in San Jose, CA, long considered the “world’s most haunted house.” Colin will discuss Sarah Winchester’s life and times, the Winchester repeating rifle, the rise of spiritualism in the 19th century, and why just about […]

Lots Of Knots Workshop

Sunday, December 9th 3 – 5pm Simultaneous practical knot tying and psychoanalytic theory unraveling workshops! One one side of the gallery, Ben Dean will teach the basics of terminology, types of knots, and how to tie the important ones. He’ll also talk about how to decide which knot is right for which job, and how […]

Jen Hofer and Dolores Dorantes

Friday, December 7th 8pm FREE Poet Dolores Dorantes will be visiting Machine to read from her most recent book Estilo. At her request, all audience members will be blindfolded and gently handcuffed. Each poem will be followed by Jen Hofer’s translations. After this potentially intense experience audience members will be unblindfolded, uncuffed and then served […]

Experiments in Hydraulics and Pneumatics

Saturday, December 1st & Sunday, December 2nd 12 – 3pm Instructor: Nick Rodrigues SOLD OUT! Non-members: $120 Members: $100 Discover how gas and fluids can be used to create motion and perform tasks. Through improvised experimentation with everyday objects we will obtain a basic understanding of the principles of fluidics and more. Day One: OVERVIEW […]

Dark Matter 3

Thursday, November 29th 8pm FREE SPECULATIVE presents a screening on Dark Matter, a schizophrenic mix of video art and other experiments. This evening will offer glimpses of Dark Matter through the anonymous materials, inexplicable behaviors and intangible networks found in the work of this eclectic selection of artists: Ryan Trecartin Pascual Sisto Claudia Salamanca Ian […]

Drawing and Drones

Sunday, November 25th 11am – 3pm Life Drawing with Insects edition Instructor: Melissa Manfull Musician: Sublamp Members: $15 Non-members: $20 All materials included. Register here: Non-Members $20.00 USD Members $15.00 USD Fascinated by natural forms and patterns? Insects are a great way to examine the different textures, movements and forms found in nature. Students will […]

The Pleasure Industry, or 10,080 Hours Aboard Cruise Ships

Friday, November 23rd 8pm FREE James Klopfleisch is an experimental composer and performer. He has also spent approximately 15 months as a musician aboard cruise ships. The Pleasure Industry is a non-sequential series of stories, anecdotes, and observations about cruise ship life (all true and totally accurate). Ranging from memories of Longyearbyen (the world’s northernmost […]

Climate Variations

Sunday, November 18th 8pm FREE An evening of works which utilize extreme temperature differences as a means of sound production by Liam Mooney and Todd Lerew. The Quartz Cantabile is a new musical instrument that applies a method known to thermoacousticians for converting heat into sound. A ceramic honeycomb material called the stack is placed […]

Bulgarian Singing Workshop

Sunday, November 18th 3 – 5pm Instructor: Kate Conklin Members: $15 Non-members: $20 Register here: Non-Members $20.00 USD Members $15.00 USD This workshop will be a how-to for the stunning vocal music of Bulgaria. We will learn pieces, healthy and accurate Bulgarian tone production, intricate ornamentation, and odd meters. We will explore how to tune […]


Saturday, November 17th 12 -3pm $10 for non-members Free for members, please email for the discount code. Register at the following link: (Soma)tic Poetics are instructional exercises meant to provoke an inspired interaction with the world, or, in CAConrad’s own words: “The last large wild beasts are being hunted, poisoned, asphyxiated in one […]

A Poetry Reading by CAConrad

Friday, November 16th 8pm FREE Machine Project’s poet-in-residence for the week is CAConrad, who will be reading from his latest collection of (Soma)tic Poetry entitled A BEAUTIFUL MARSUPIAL AFTERNOON. (Soma)tic Poetics are instructional exercises meant to provoke an inspired interaction with the world, or, in CAConrad’s own words: “Experiences that are unorthodox steps in the […]

Resources and Services for Artists presentation

Monday, November 12th 8pm FREE with RSVP Artists in all disciplines looking for jobs, opportunities, grants and professional development are invited to attend a presentation about the free and low-cost national services and resources that Artspire and the New York Foundation for the Arts offer to them. Courtney Harge, Program Officer for Fiscal Sponsorship from […]

Machine Drawing & Dissection Workshop

Sunday, November 11th 12 – 3pm Non-members: $15 Members: $10 Register here: Non-Members $15.00 USD Members $10.00 USD This dual-track workshop approaches calculating machines from a technological and experiential point of view. We will disassemble several 1960’s era mechanical calculating machines and explore what makes them work. We will also talk about other forms of […]

The Great Calculation

Saturday, November 10th 8pm FREE Calculators are silent, ubiquitous, boring, and utterly reliable- to the point where you don’t even question the answers that you get. In the early 1960’s they were big, heavy, noisy, smelly objects. They had unique interfaces and needed constant maintenance for reliability. Calculation was a visceral process that shook the […]

The Lost Calculator

Friday, November 9th 8pm FREE In 1840 Thomas Fowler, an inventor and a self-taught engineer, built a calculating machine made entirely out of wood. Neither the machine nor drawings survived. Mechanical engineer Mark Glusker, working with a team of historians in England, built a reconstruction to prove that it worked. Fowler was a contemporary of […]

Intro to Arduino

Saturday, November 3rd Sunday, November 4th & Saturday, November 10th 12 – 3pm Instructor: Scott Cazan Non-members: $200 Members: $185 All Materials Included. Please email for availability on the wait list. Learn about Arduino and explore many of its artistic applications. An Arduino is an open-source micro-controller with the ability to quickly and easily […]

Dark Matter 2

Friday, November 2nd 8pm FREE Our exploration of Dark Matter will continue this week, with nine artists, researchers, writers and ethnographers approaching the theme of dark matter in nine eclectic, short-form talks. Modeled after the Pecha Kucha presentation style, each presenter will show 20 slides for 20 seconds each, totaling six minutes. The slides progress […]

Aerobic Butter and Anaerobic Bread workshops

Sunday, October 28th Bread-baking ongoing from noon. (free) Aerobic Butter sessions at noon and 2pm ($10 sign up below) Artist Michael O’Malley will teach amateur breadmakers the art of baking on the grill outside the Machine Project gallery. Inside, Pop Soda’s Jimmy Fusil conducts an aerobics class/buttermaking workshop, shaking jars of fresh cream until it […]

Recipe Testing in Theory and Practice

Saturday, October 27th 4pm FREE How is a cookbook written? How is a recipe recorded? What is the language of food writing? How can a single ingredient destroy, or elevate a dish? These questions and more will be discussed in an informal lecture and demonstration on the mechanics and practice of professional recipe testing. With […]


Friday, October 26th 8pm $10 RSVP The art and science of brewing a fine beer is a delicate and complex process. The distinctive flavor of various beers arises from a combination of water quality, malted grains, flowery hops, and the diligent work of micro-organisms. OR, you can just add a bunch of random flavor profiles […]

Catherine Wagner and Aaron Kunin

Tuesday, October 23rd 8pm FREE Maybe you’ve caught Aaron or Cathy at Machine before. If you have you know how surprising, consistently unsettling and richly pleasurable their work is. We are very excited to have Cathy here in town for a night away from presidential politics drenched Ohio, where she lives and teaches (at Miami […]

Mask-Making Workshop

Tuesday, October 23rd & Thursday, October 25th 7 – 10pm With Joe Seely Non-members: $75 Members: $65 Register here: Non-Members $75.00 USD Members $65.00 USD ALL MATERIALS INCLUDED. In this 2-day class you will learn to make a traditional buckram mask. On day 1 we will: -Sketch a series of masks -Sculpt one of them […]

Third Eye Workshop

Sunday, October 21st 10am to 4pm Instructors: Tim Perkis and Sara Roberts. Non-Members: $75 Members: $65 Register here: Non-Members $75.00 USD Members $65.00 USD What if you could see if someone was behind you, feel how close they are to you? Would that change your notion of the borders of your body, change the kind […]

Pull Through

October 20th Ongoing from 4 to 9pm With performances at 6 & 8pm FREE Pull Through by Wages is a sound installation with conceptual/musical performances interspersed. At its core, the entire piece is about the ambiguous nature of being: the intersection of finite and infinite. Each performed piece symbolizes a segment of the life cycle, […]

Listening (in/to) the Periphery

Sunday, October 14th 8pm FREE A collaborative “lecture” with Bryan Eubanks and Catherine Lamb. From different approaches/processes, musical investigations and backgrounds, Bryan and Cat will discuss/share various perspectives on listening (in/to) the periphery. Touching upon extended durations, generative structures, wave field synthesis, harmonic fields, and “gray” sound, they invite you to be present… “Such, then, […]

Hive Mind

Saturday, October 13th 2 – 3pm: Lecture by beekeeper Susan Rudnicki 3 – 5pm: Inter-species musical collaboration by Giancarlo de la Cruz and public poetry reading for bees There are nine feral hives per square mile in LA – celebrate your beeing, learn more, and experience the secret wildness pullulating all around us. HIVE MIND […]

Dark Matter

Friday, October 12th 8pm FREE Physicist Jennifer Siegal-Gaskins and artist Ricardo Dominguez will present two perspectives on the invisible, intangible, enigmatic mystery material Dark Matter. Their diverging viewpoints will collide at a stimulating evening exploring hidden facets of our universe and culture. This evening kicks off a series of events organized by SPECULATIVE that investigate […]


Thursday, October 11th 2012 7 – 10pm With Chris Weisbart. Members: $20 Non-Members: $30 Register here: Non-Members $30.00 USD Members $20.00 USD Multimedia designer and hardware hacker Chris Weisbart will talk about various technologies he has used to create ghostly imagery for museum exhibits and haunted houses. The class will begin with a thorough discussion […]

In Our Sights

Friday, October 5th 8pm – ongoing FREE With ongoing conversations and performances by: Andrew Freeman Gabie Strong Nathan Lam Vuong Mireya Lucio Arjuna Neuman & TED Talks   In Our Sights is an experiment in pushing the documentary form into a more personal and intimate space. While the document and the archive is still important, […]

Last Days Of An Immortal

Sunday, September 23rd 8pm FREE Join us for a dramatic reading (with images ) from the science fiction graphic novel Last Days Of An Immortal. Set in the distant future, a member of the “Philosophical Police” must solve all sorts of conflicts and crimes arising between Terrans and Aliens. With a narrative featuring laconic alien […]

TREE WEAVE: Plein Air Back Strap Loom Workshop

Sunday, September 23rd 12 – 3pm Instructor: Travis Meinolf aka the Action Weaver Location: Debs Park in Montecito Heights/Highland Park SOLD OUT! Get attached to the trees at Debs Park while learning the ancient technique of back strap weaving. Action weaver Travis Meinolf teaches you how to set up a back strap loom and how […]

Bodies, Sensors, and Sound workshop

Working with accelerometers and movement to manipulate sound. Sunday, September 23rd Saturday, September 29th Sunday, September 30th 12 – 3pm Instructors: Natalie Metzger and Stephanie Smith Non-members: $200 Members: $185 Parts & materials included. SOLD OUT! Course Description: We will build a simple arduino-based accelerometer interface that will interpret movement to manipulate sound. We will […]

Public Labs Map Making Workshop

Sunday, September 23rd 11am – 5pm Members: $35 Non-members: $50 Register here: Non-Members $50.00 USD Members $35.00 USD Join Stewart Long from in a DIY map making and aerial photography workshop. The Public Lab balloon and kite aerial imaging tool is a collaboratively designed, low-cost, fun, and relatively easy activity for making amazing high resolution aerial image […]

Noise Object Workshop and Group Sound Experiment

Tuesday, September 11th 7 – 10pm with Brian Crabtree and Sara Roberts Members: $35 Non-Members: $45 Fee includes all materials. Register here: Non-Members $45.00 USD Members $35.00 USD Solder a noise object: small, simple, playable, loud! Then use this object to participate in group sound experiments, exploring emergent and procedural approaches to creating music and/or […]

Staple Draping Workshop

Sunday, September 9th 2012 11am – 3pm Instructor: Laura Brody $50 for non-members $45 for Machine Project members All materials included. Register here: Non-Members $50.00 USD Members $45.00 USD Staple draping is making your own garments on a real live person, using leftover fabrics, a stapler, staples and scissors. When you’re done, take your stapled […]

Cabeza Debacle

Saturday, September 8th 2012 5pm Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca’s voyage from Spain to the New World in the 16th Century is one of the strangest, most fascinating tales ever told. Conquistador, slave, shaman, the man experienced, quite possibly, the greatest human transformation in the history of our species. Lost for nearly a decade, he […]

Stop Making Sense

Thursday, September 6th 8pm FREE Join us for an evening of performances that push the boundaries of our disbelief. First, Christian Cummings and Michael Decker will perform Spectral Psychography. Blindfolded and using a Ouija board with a specially outfitted planchette, Cummings and Decker are guided by unseen forces to create original drawings. They’ve collaborated with […]