Catherine Wagner and Aaron Kunin

Tuesday, October 23rd 8pm FREE Maybe you’ve caught Aaron or Cathy at Machine before. If you have you know how surprising, consistently unsettling and richly pleasurable their work is. We are very excited to have Cathy here in town for a night away from presidential politics drenched Ohio, where she lives and teaches (at Miami […]

Mask-Making Workshop

Tuesday, October 23rd & Thursday, October 25th 7 – 10pm With Joe Seely Non-members: $75 Members: $65 Register here: Non-Members $75.00 USD Members $65.00 USD ALL MATERIALS INCLUDED. In this 2-day class you will learn to make a traditional buckram mask. On day 1 we will: -Sketch a series of masks -Sculpt one of them […]

Third Eye Workshop

Sunday, October 21st 10am to 4pm Instructors: Tim Perkis and Sara Roberts. Non-Members: $75 Members: $65 Register here: Non-Members $75.00 USD Members $65.00 USD What if you could see if someone was behind you, feel how close they are to you? Would that change your notion of the borders of your body, change the kind […]

Pull Through

October 20th Ongoing from 4 to 9pm With performances at 6 & 8pm FREE Pull Through by Wages is a sound installation with conceptual/musical performances interspersed. At its core, the entire piece is about the ambiguous nature of being: the intersection of finite and infinite. Each performed piece symbolizes a segment of the life cycle, […]

Listening (in/to) the Periphery

Sunday, October 14th 8pm FREE A collaborative “lecture” with Bryan Eubanks and Catherine Lamb. From different approaches/processes, musical investigations and backgrounds, Bryan and Cat will discuss/share various perspectives on listening (in/to) the periphery. Touching upon extended durations, generative structures, wave field synthesis, harmonic fields, and “gray” sound, they invite you to be present… “Such, then, […]

Hive Mind

Saturday, October 13th 2 – 3pm: Lecture by beekeeper Susan Rudnicki 3 – 5pm: Inter-species musical collaboration by Giancarlo de la Cruz and public poetry reading for bees There are nine feral hives per square mile in LA – celebrate your beeing, learn more, and experience the secret wildness pullulating all around us. HIVE MIND […]

Dark Matter

Friday, October 12th 8pm FREE Physicist Jennifer Siegal-Gaskins and artist Ricardo Dominguez will present two perspectives on the invisible, intangible, enigmatic mystery material Dark Matter. Their diverging viewpoints will collide at a stimulating evening exploring hidden facets of our universe and culture. This evening kicks off a series of events organized by SPECULATIVE that investigate […]


Thursday, October 11th 2012 7 – 10pm With Chris Weisbart. Members: $20 Non-Members: $30 Register here: Non-Members $30.00 USD Members $20.00 USD Multimedia designer and hardware hacker Chris Weisbart will talk about various technologies he has used to create ghostly imagery for museum exhibits and haunted houses. The class will begin with a thorough discussion […]

In Our Sights

Friday, October 5th 8pm – ongoing FREE With ongoing conversations and performances by: Andrew Freeman Gabie Strong Nathan Lam Vuong Mireya Lucio Arjuna Neuman & TED Talks   In Our Sights is an experiment in pushing the documentary form into a more personal and intimate space. While the document and the archive is still important, […]

Last Days Of An Immortal

Sunday, September 23rd 8pm FREE Join us for a dramatic reading (with images ) from the science fiction graphic novel Last Days Of An Immortal. Set in the distant future, a member of the “Philosophical Police” must solve all sorts of conflicts and crimes arising between Terrans and Aliens. With a narrative featuring laconic alien […]

TREE WEAVE: Plein Air Back Strap Loom Workshop

Sunday, September 23rd 12 – 3pm Instructor: Travis Meinolf aka the Action Weaver Location: Debs Park in Montecito Heights/Highland Park SOLD OUT! Get attached to the trees at Debs Park while learning the ancient technique of back strap weaving. Action weaver Travis Meinolf teaches you how to set up a back strap loom and how […]

Bodies, Sensors, and Sound workshop

Working with accelerometers and movement to manipulate sound. Sunday, September 23rd Saturday, September 29th Sunday, September 30th 12 – 3pm Instructors: Natalie Metzger and Stephanie Smith Non-members: $200 Members: $185 Parts & materials included. SOLD OUT! Course Description: We will build a simple arduino-based accelerometer interface that will interpret movement to manipulate sound. We will […]

Public Labs Map Making Workshop

Sunday, September 23rd 11am – 5pm Members: $35 Non-members: $50 Register here: Non-Members $50.00 USD Members $35.00 USD Join Stewart Long from in a DIY map making and aerial photography workshop. The Public Lab balloon and kite aerial imaging tool is a collaboratively designed, low-cost, fun, and relatively easy activity for making amazing high resolution aerial image […]

Noise Object Workshop and Group Sound Experiment

Tuesday, September 11th 7 – 10pm with Brian Crabtree and Sara Roberts Members: $35 Non-Members: $45 Fee includes all materials. Register here: Non-Members $45.00 USD Members $35.00 USD Solder a noise object: small, simple, playable, loud! Then use this object to participate in group sound experiments, exploring emergent and procedural approaches to creating music and/or […]

Staple Draping Workshop

Sunday, September 9th 2012 11am – 3pm Instructor: Laura Brody $50 for non-members $45 for Machine Project members All materials included. Register here: Non-Members $50.00 USD Members $45.00 USD Staple draping is making your own garments on a real live person, using leftover fabrics, a stapler, staples and scissors. When you’re done, take your stapled […]

Cabeza Debacle

Saturday, September 8th 2012 5pm Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca’s voyage from Spain to the New World in the 16th Century is one of the strangest, most fascinating tales ever told. Conquistador, slave, shaman, the man experienced, quite possibly, the greatest human transformation in the history of our species. Lost for nearly a decade, he […]

Stop Making Sense

Thursday, September 6th 8pm FREE Join us for an evening of performances that push the boundaries of our disbelief. First, Christian Cummings and Michael Decker will perform Spectral Psychography. Blindfolded and using a Ouija board with a specially outfitted planchette, Cummings and Decker are guided by unseen forces to create original drawings. They’ve collaborated with […]

Stylophone Emergent Semaphore Ensemble

Tuesday, September 4th 2012 8pm FREE No Musical Skills Required! Come to Machine Project and perform with an ensemble of 36 stylophones led by flag-wielding composer, Paul Fraser. Each participant performs simple instructions on stylophone toys to create a larger, collective sonic experience. The individual, low-fi instruments sound simple, but when 36 are layered in […]

The Secret Trails and Woodland Cocktails Club

Saturday, September 1st 2012 5pm FREE with RSVP Space is limited. Please RSVP at the following link if you would like to attend: The first outing will be a guided hike on the little known trails of an area we like to call Runyon Canyon Adjacent. All of the great views and sweet smelling […]

Into The Void

Sunday, August 26th 8pm FREE Note: this event will not be taking place at Machine Project. See below for details. Join us for a sing-along exploring the acoustics and politics of public space in Los Angeles. We’ll take to the most famous (and echo-filled) tunnel in Los Angeles to exercise our right to assemble, and […]

Electronic Voices

Friday, August 24th 2012 8pm FREE Bright ideas shine from a beam of light above our heads, strong feelings churn our thickest muscle buried deep in the chest, and worry stabs our vulnerable guts. But, to project those ideas, pains, feelings, one’s whole identity to the world, vibrations hum in the throat, through the mouth, […]

Telepathic Double Feature

Thursday, August 23rd 4 – 7pm & 8pm FREE Join us for appointment based telepathic drawing session (4 – 7pm) between your pet and Lauren von Gogh, a founding member of the Sober & Lonely Institute of Contemporary Art. Based on the scientific investigations of Karl Krall in the early 1900s, von Gogh will be […]

Perfumed Nightmare

Sunday, August 12th 8pm FREE On August 12th at 8pm, we invite you to join us for another episode of the Machine Interns screen films they like series featuring a free screening of Perfumed Nightmare (1978), a film by Kidlat Tahimik which documents a young Filipino’s experience with the presence of American colonialism in the […]

The Inaugural Sober & Lonely Synchronized Running Club Run

Machine Project and the Sober and Lonely Institute for Contemporary Art invite you to join us for The Inaugural Sober & Lonely Synchronized Running Club Run at 6:13 AM (Dawn) on Sunday August 12th, starting from Machine Project in Los Angeles. The route is a short but hilly 3.45 miles loop along Marathon Street in […]

“Giant Leaps For Mankind” and the Future of the Past

Thursday, August 9th 8pm FREE A lecture by Justin St. P. Walsh. The protection of cultural heritage — objects associated with the human past — became a major public priority by the end of the twentieth century, with museums returning looted objects to source countries, increases in the protection of archaeological sites, and the recognition […]


Saturday, August 4th 8pm FREE Please join us for a screening of A.K. by Chris Marker, a documentary of Japanese director Akira Kurosawa filmed during the making of RAN.

Let’s Start With The Obvious

Friday, August 3rd 8pm, 10pm $5 with RSVP A play by Johanna Hedva starring Marcus Kuiland-Nazario and Johanna Hedva featuring a follow up appearance by Guru Rugu. The 8pm performance is now Sold Out.  Please RSVP for the 10pm performance. Admission is $5, please RSVP at the following link: Let’s Start With The Obvious […]

The Ongoing Legend of Master Legend

Thursday, August 2nd 8pm FREE   Joshuah Bearman will further explore the story of a real-life superhero aptly known as Master Legend. As Winter Park, Florida’sself-designated fighter of evil, Master Legend gained national attention over the years, most notably in an article for Rolling Stone in 2008, written by Bearman. Following the presentation, our guest […]

Motors and Mechanisms

An Introduction to Basic Mechanical Design for Art and DIY projects. Instructor: Michael Kontopoulos Sunday, July 29th / 11am -2pm Wednesday, August 1st / 7pm – 10pm Saturday, August 4th / 11am – 2pm 11am – 2pm SOLD OUT! Members: $200 Non-members: $225 DESCRIPTION You are reading this post because you’re wondering if a little […]

Hackteria: DIY Microscopes & BioHacks

How to build a DIY microscope using a simple webcam. Instructors: Marc Dusseiller & Urs Gaudenz Saturday, July 28th 12 – 5pm Register here: Non-Members$45.00 USD Members$35.00 USD Members: $35 Non-Members: $45 Webcams and other materials will be provided. Members of the Swiss Mechatronic Art Society are in town and will be stopping by Machine […]

How to Transform your Studio Practice, Using a Design Process: A Workshop

featuring Clive Dym and Miriam Dym Saturday, July 21st 2012 12 – 3pm Members: $5 Non-Members: $10 Register here: Members$5.00 USD Non-Members$10.00 USD Clive Dym, design engineer/professor, and Miriam Dym, artist-industrialist, would like to help you think about how you can use (or at least explore) a formal design process to make things or to […]

Trash Myths: hippie trash pits and other things you can dig up

Tuesday, July 17th 2012 8pm FREE A lecture by Annie Danis. In 1968 Dennis Hopper asked the residents of the New Buffalo Commune in Taos, NM to film their back-to-the-land home for “Easy Rider.” The residents refused, shunning his offer of catered meals and trucked-in amenities for their usual bulk rice and beans. Or so […]

Intro to Processing

Instructor: Chandler McWilliams Email: Sunday, July 15th : 2 – 5pm Monday, July 16th : 7 – 10pm Sunday, July 22nd : 2 – 5pm Monday, July 23rd : 7 – 10pm SOLD OUT Members $225 Non-members $250 Members receive a discount on all class fees. You can become one here! Course Description: Processing […]

Jacqueline Waters and Daniel Tiffany

Saturday, July 14th 2012 8pm FREE Jacqueline Waters’ One Sleeps the Other Doesn’t was recently published by Ugly Duckling Presse. She is the author of one previous collection, A Minute without Danger (Adventures in Poetry), and edits The Physiocrats, a pamphlet press. She will be reading work from One Sleeps the Other Doesn’t along with […]

Laura Steenberge

Thursday, July 12th 8pm FREE Laura Steenberge will give a lecture-demonstration about how we perceive musical patterns and form using time-transcendening spatial metaphors. Helium balloons will be involved. This burgeoning science, while not based on any factual information whatsoever, will be informative to musicians and non-musicians alike. Special guest musicians Julianna Snapper, Heather Lockie, and […]

Pitch Battles

Friday, July 6th 8pm FREE In overlapping performances, Colin Dickey, Nicole Antebi and Chris Kallmyer will explore the difference between two rival pitches, 440 Hz and 432 Hz: Colin Dickey will trace the history of the war for correct musical tuning, a debate that’s raged for two centuries and has involved the Nazis, French government, […]

Haunted Geographies of L.A.

Saturday, June 30th 8pm FREE A lecture by Rob Sullivan The ghosts of the past and the traces of history are inscribed on the streets of L.A., conjuring images of shattered dreams and grotesque crimes. The hills and flats of this city are haunted with acts of infamous criminality as well as the anonymous remains […]

Diversity in the Natural World

Thursday, June 14th 8pm FREE Diversity in the Natural World: What crane flies and lichens can tell us. Lichens and crane flies are vastly different organisms, but approaches in their study have many surprising similarities. In this talk, lichenologist Dr. Irwin Brodo (coauthor of “Lichens of North America”) and entomologist Dr. Fenja Brodo (founding Board […]

Motors and Mechanisms

An Introduction to Basic Mechanical Design for Art and DIY projects. Instructor: Michael Kontopoulos Sunday, June 10th Saturday, June 16th Sunday, June 17th 11am – 2pm SOLD OUT Members: $200 Non-members: $225 DESCRIPTION You are reading this post because you’re wondering if a little bit of motion is what your newest sculpture needs to come […]

Andrew Maxwell

Friday, May 25th 2012 8pm FREE Andrew Maxwell is an ensemble fiction. As A Maxwell, he collects epigrams, poems and inventories in small booklets, several of which are forthcoming in special editions by Ugly Duckling and Apogee presses. As Andrew Maxwell, he runs the Poetic Research Bureau in Chinatown, founded a few journals (eg, The […]

Mask-Making Workshop

Sunday, May 6th & Saturday, May 12th 11am – 2pm With Joe Seely Non-members: $75 Members: $65 Register here: Non-Members $75.00 USD Members $65.00 USD Become a Machine Project Member and receive a discounted rate on all classes! In this 2-day class you will learn to make a traditional buckram mask. On day 1 we […]


Friday May 4th ongoing 4-7pm Saturday May 5th ongoing 4-7pm Sunday May 6th ongoing 4-7pm Emily Lacy brings sound and distortion to the final days of the Machine Project Transdimensional Hallway in a new piece entitled Corpor. Entering and exiting is encouraged in this 3-day performance examining presence, absence, and the business of our daily […]

We said a 40 FOOT TREE

Thursday, May 3rd 2012 ongoing from 8 – 10pm A puppet show by DanRae Wilson and Miriam Jones Swing by and see a 2 minute puppet show for 1- 2 people at a time. Perfect for on your way to or from dinner, as a destination for an evening stroll, or as a tiny pre-party […]

Dirges for Dead Malls

Sunday, April 29th 2012 Performances at 8 & 8:30pm “I think we’re alone now/ There doesn’t seem to be anyone around” – Tiffany Gone are the days of blissful suburban wandering, shopping, and hanging out in the well-lit corridors and food courts of our past. Come mourn the great american shopping mall – an increasingly […]

Special Theatrical Effects Workshop

Saturday, April 28th 2012 2 – 5pm With Chris Weisbart Non-members: $45 Members: $35 Register here: Non-Members $45.00 USD Members $35.00 USD Become a Machine Project Member and receive a discounted rate on all classes! In this workshop, Multimedia Designer Chris Weisbart will discuss the hand-made effects in Asher Hartman’s “See What Love The Father […]

Poetry Hike With Michael Earl Craig

Sunday, April 22nd 2012 3pm Please join us for an afternoon hike with poet and farrier Michael Earl Craig, author of Thin Kimono now out on Wave Books. Michael Earl Craig will read some poems along the way and then answer any questions you may have about the art of horseshoeing. This is indeed a […]

Maged Zaher

Saturday, April 21st 2012 8pm FREE Space is limited, please RSVP at the following link: How the English Language Helped Me Become an Egyptian Poet Poet Maged Zaher will be in town and reading and talking at Machine Project on April, 21st at 8 pm. Maged’s an awesome poet and a vibrant and compelling […]

Introduction to Electronics

Taught by Elisabeth McMullin Saturday 4/21 Sunday 4/22 Saturday 4/28 Sunday 4/29 11am – 2pm SOLD OUT Become a Machine Project Member and receive a discounted rate on all classes! Course Description: We will explore the basics of electronic circuitry with a focus on giving the student a solid foundation in electronic theory while creating […]

Psychedelic Hallway

Friday, April 20th 2012 Ongoing from 8 to 10pm Come chill out to the deep and soothing tones of Ambient Force 420 as they explore the more psychedelic aspects of the Transdimensional Hallway. Featuring the “Trippy Transdimensional Corridor,” the “Righteous Relaxation Room,” and the obligatory “Taco Truck Consumption Chamber.” Ambient Force 420 will be providing […]

Poetry Hike with Eileen Myles

Saturday, April 7th 2012 2:45 pm FREE In collaboration with the CalArts Poetry Collective we are hosting a day hike with poet Eileen Myles, who will be reading from her new book of poems entitled Snowflake, currently out on Wave Books. Please meet with us at the first parking lot inside the entrance gate to […]

Sound Synthesis Class

Taught by Christopher Mckinlay Saturday 3/17, 2-5pm Saturday 3/24, 2-5pm Saturday 3/31, 2-5pm Saturday 4/7, 2-5pm Register here: Non-Members $250.00 USD Members $225.00 USD Non-members – $250 Members – $225 Become a Machine Project Member and get a discount on all classes for a year! fourier transform modulus of a cosine The electronic synthesis of […]


Saturday, March 3rd 2012 performances at 8:15 & 9:00pm FREE [Vos iz Abspaltung (musik)? danken!] Corey Fogel has written a site-specific piece of music, dealing uniquely with the resulting acoustical and spatial properties of the Machine Project gallery and the imposed structure of the Storefront Plaza installation. This music experiments with instrument pairs, co-dependent musical […]


We turned balloons into speakers, and we want you to come listen to them.

Elemental Gasification

Sunday, February 26th 2012 8pm Free with RSVP Artist and backyard engineer Jessica Segall will give a presentation on elemental gasification. In this talk and following Q and A session, Jessica will give an overview on woodgas history, how to generate electricity or run your car on burning wood, and discuss the relationship of gasification […]

Solar Gadget Workshop

Sunday, February 26th, 2012 12 – 4pm Taught by David Casey Members: $60 Non-members: $75 (All material fees included.) SOLD OUT! The workshop will include an overview of how photovoltaic cells work, combining solar cells to power different electronics components, and then everyone will make a simple solar powered oscillator. Refund policy: Please note, all […]

Affect-adjusted graphological readings

Saturday, February 25 2012 ongoing 12 – 4pm DROP-IN / FREE Ben Benjamin will be performing free handwriting analysis from 12 to 4pm. Pens and pencils and stationery will be provided free of charge. Please note! We cannot provide non-affect-adjusted graphological readings.

Battle of Los Angeles 70th Anniversary Commemoration

Friday, February 24 2012 8pm FREE Shortish lecture on the Battle of Los Angeles by Jason Brown, with gentle yet emotionally-powerful musical accompaniment. Followed by a sound performance by AMBIENT FORCE 3000 (working title: “Threnody ’42: The Silence of the Cows”).

Boundary Pageant #2

Thursday, February 23rd 2012 8pm FREE Census tracts and statistical citizenship Please join us for a night of critical demography. Jerry Wong, Information Services Specialist for the Census Bureau’s Los Angeles Regional Office of the US Census will unpack the history of tract #06037195, where Machine Project is located, and how the census knows what […]

Massagem Sonora

Wednesday, February 22 2012 Ongoing from 11am – 4pm DROP-IN / FREE An experiment on intimacy, personal space and bodily resonance by Carmina Escobar. Massagem Sonora establishes a relationship of discovery between individuals, usually strangers, that allow themselves to be improvised on via voice and facial resonators applied to their bodies to discover their own […]

Musical Soldering Workshop

Sunday, February 19th 2012 7 – 10pm Instructor: Mark Allen Members: $35 Non-Members: $50 SOLD OUT! Become a Machine Project Member and receive a discount on all classes! Learn to solder in this three-hour workshop. Participants will learn to solder by building a primitive, but totally rad hand-held synthesizer. All materials and tools included and […]

Collabamation Workshop

Saturday, February 18th 2012 11am – 3pm Instructor: Kelly Sears Members: $35 Non-members: $45 (All materials fees included.) SOLD OUT! This workshop will cover the basics of making stop-motion animations, from constructing a shooting rig to compiling your footage and sharing it with the world. We will watch short animated works to see various animation […]


Saturday, February 18th 2012 11am – 4pm FREE Experimental music by babies. Motion tracking software converts the performers’ movements into sound. FAQ What? After our friend Sally brought her baby Otto to play Nate Page’s Storefront Plaza we realized that we had a perfect baby vivarium on our hands, and if we were going to […]

Machine Project in Monterey Bay #3

THURSDAY, Feb 16 // 7pm – 9pm TAT Studio, CSU Monterey Bay on the corner of 6th and A Pitch Battles: A Multimedia Investigation into Musical Tunings Machine Project presents a night of art and writing exploring a rather esoteric bit of musical ephemera and the insane controversy it’s generated. In overlapping performances, Colin Dickey, […]

Machine Project in Monterey Bay #2

Wednesday, February 15 // 7pm – 9pm TAT Studio, CSU Monterey Bay on the corner of 6th and A Machine Project is talking to you: Teaching Kids to Steal Cars, and other important lessons of the feral art space. Chris Kallmyer is an artist and the curator for Machine Project, a Los Angeles performance and […]

Machine Project in Monterey Bay #1

Wednesday, February 15 // noon – 2:00 TAT Studio, CSU Monterey Bay on the corner of 6th and A SOLDERING, THE MUSICAL Chris Kallmyer will be fearlessly driving up the coast of California on major roads in a classic 1996 acura with 217,000 miles and 20 soldering irons to visit Enid Blader’s Department of Teledramatic […]

D3: Object Divestment Services 1980 SPECIAL EDITION

Saturday, February 11th, 2012, 4- 9pm -  Deliver Sunday, February 12th, 2012 , 1- 4pm -  Destroy D3 is Megan Cotts, Ali Prosch, and Brica Wilcox. For 1980 Special Edition, D3 invites you to submit objects (real and imagined), ephemera, and ideas from the year 1980 to be destroyed. D3 will be accepting offerings on Saturday, […]

Graham Foust and Sarah Valentine

Saturday, February 4th 2012 8pm FREE Graham Foust and Sarah Valentine will read from their translations of Ernst Meister and Gennady Aygi, respectively. Graham Foust is the author of a number of books including A Mouth in California, Neccessary Stanger and the forthcoming To Anacreon in Heaven (all from Flood Editions). He is also the […]

Graham Foust and Amy Gerstler

Friday, February 3rd 2012 8pm FREE Poets Graham Foust and Amy Gerstler will be reading from their work. Graham Foust is the author of a number of books including A Mouth in California, Neccessary Stanger and the forthcoming To Anacreon in Heaven (all from Flood Editions). He is also the translator, from the German, of […]

Discussion With David Graeber

Thursday, February 2nd 2012 8pm Author David Graeber will be holding an small, informal discussion on his latest book Debt: The First 5000 Years. Sorry, event is full David will also have a reading & signing on Wednesday, February 1st at Skylight Books.


Monday, January 30th 2012 1pm FREE Two organisms unraveling sound and space through their bodies, voices and objects in motion. Sarah Phillips & Carmina Escobar; voice, electronics and objects. Duration: 45 min.

Bandwagon! (a combine)

Sunday, January 29th 2012 8pm FREE A musical evening featuring questionable uses of technology inspired by David Tudor’s Bandoneon! (a combine). May include accordions, saxophones, drums, live video projection and/or dancing Coke cans. Curated by Isaac Schankler, with Casey Anderson, Scott Cazan, Daniel Corral, Sean Deyoe, Corey Fogel and Christopher O’Leary.

Shuffle Stagger Fail

Saturday, January 28th 2012 8pm Blackface is ShamWow! Stagger Lee meets Hercules! Get well-hung! Join poet/performer/librettist Douglas Kearney at Machine Project for Shuffle Stagger Fail, the release of his new chapbook, SkinMag (A5/Deadly Chaps). An evening of projections and lusty race s__t, Stagger Shuffle Fail also features new poems from the manuscript, Pornegrophy.

Intro to Microcontrollers with Arduino

Taught by Elisabeth McMullin Saturday 1/28 Sunday 1/29 Saturday 2/4 Sunday 2/5 1 – 4pm Members: $225 Non-Members: $250 All materials included. SOLD OUT! Become a Machine Project Member and receive a discounted rate on all classes! We will explore the basic concepts of microcontrollers using Arduino, an easy-to- use, open-source microcontroller platform, perfect for […]

Memory and Data Storage: The Ampex Corporation

Friday, January 27th, 2012 8pm A project by Kamau Amu Patton The project is an investigation of Ampex corporate culture and identity in relationship to its role as a manufacture of memory storage / data storage materials and devices. The project views the Ampex corporate culture through the memories of the people that worked for […]

Future Gestalt

Thursday, January 26st, 2012 8pm A performance by Brody Condon In a new performance for Machine Project, Brody Condon will present a 1970′s group encounter session set in the far future. Presented in conjunction with Pacific Standard Time. Pacific Standard Time is an unprecedented collaboration of more than sixty cultural institutions across Southern California, coming […]

Paranoid Machines: Los Angeles, 1946 – 1981

From its desert summoning in 1946 to its meatspace release in 1981, Los Angeles has served as the mythopoetic incubator of a cybernetic ideology which now uses human culture as the substrate of a globe-spanning metaorganism. Jason Brown will explain.

Everted Acoustsics, or, Busking the Sea Cucumber

Wednesday, January 18th 2012 1 – 5pm FREE Ezra Buchla presents an afternoon of unlikely musics for unamplified instruments. Featuring composer, improviser, and grindcore violinist Joey Molinaro, on tour from NYC, and other special guests.

Welcome to Populist Records

Monday, January 16th 2012 1 – 4pm Populist records is a brand new, Los Angeles based record label dedicated to releasing new and exciting music from our West Coast community. Come hang out with us as we celebrate the birth of our label and preview our first release, composer Nicholas Deyoe’s with throbbing eyes, which […]

P.I.E. (Personal Immersive Environments)

Sunday, January 15th 2012 10am – 4pm Instructors: Amy Jo Diaz and Casey Hughes Members: $75 Non-Members: $100 Become a Machine Project Member and receive a discount on all classes! Join us for an afternoon of personal-diorama-making. These dioramas are intended to produce miniature immersive environments using both two and three-dimensional elements and a point-of-view. […]

Untitled (remodel)

Saturday, January 14th 2012 8pm Free With Yann Novak & Simon Whetham. Daytime sounds on Rinconia Drive Nighttime sounds on Rinconia Drive Traffic sounds on Broadway and 2nd Street Audience sounds at the Vanguard Gallery Room Resonances Vocalization were mixed and processed in frequency, in time, and in space. -Carl Stone, October 14, 1980 In […]