This is a list of all the stuff we have coming up. Most of these are free events at our Echo Park storefront, some are classes and workshops, and some are projects in various other locations/cities/continents. If you are interested in what we’ve been doing, we direct you to our Archive of Past Activities and our Interactive Keyword Matrix.

We make no guarantee that the things listed below will occur when, where, or as they are described. For the most reliable information on our activities, sign up for our email list and check your email every five minutes from here on out.

Android Netrunner Pizza Party
Saturday, April 25th at 8:00 pm

Saturday, April 25th // 8pm at Machine Project with Cyberpunk Reading Group FREE In the nightmarish digital hellscape of today, there are only two choices: CORP or RUNNER. Presenting… the cyberpunk card game that’s taking the world by storm: Android Netrunner. Which side will you choose? The CORP seeking to advance it’s corporate agendas? The […]