Bob Bellerue and Liam Mooney
Date & Time
December 9
Machine Project

Bob Bellerue is a noise artist and performer whose work utilizes musical instruments, electronics, and custom programming for live performance, sound installation, and prepared ambient field recordings.

With a background in punk / acid rock, Balinese and Javanese gamelan, and Tibetan Buddhism, he creates extreme sonic experiences to affect awareness and is a specialist at playing things the wrong way and making non-musical instruments sound good. We’re not sure what he’s going to do, but he was really interested in our basement.

Liam Mooney is a composer, performer, sound designer, noise advocate, and inventor of musical instruments. His work focuses on the sonic possibilities of everyday objects and on the physical properties of sound. Modern technology provides what lungs cannot: lots and lots of air. Wind instruments meet power tools and home appliances in a music of percussion-less drums, vacuum cleaners, electric fan, organ pipes, plastic bottles, corrugated tubing, air compressor, PVC pipes, balloons, and leaf blower.