Even though it is half our name, the word “Project” for us is loosely defined. Most of the time, it means an institution (usually a museum) has asked us to do something to explore their space. Sometimes, we explore a topic on our own, like ping-pong. Sometimes, we turn our storefront into a forest. Since so much of Machine Project’s work is time-based, we also have made an effort in recent years to document our performances. Check out our current projects below, and read more about some of the stuff we’ve done in the past.

  • Current Projects

  • patrickteaser


    Machine Project is delighted to present Patrick Michael Ballard’s latest creation “RETURN TO FOREVERHOUSE”, an immersive environment and performance space.

    After passing through a black fur lined waiting room lit by enigmatic iconography, visitors in groups of up to 5 people enter an installation that is not quite living room, and not quite children’s TV show set. While attempting to solve a way out of the off-kilter fantasy space, the audience interacts with an extensive rotating cast and motley crew of scene teens, vampiric furniture, and a simple minded, suspicious, but potentially helpful neighbor. Will our intrepid explorers (i.e. you) succeed in returning Forever House to its former glory? Or will they (i.e. you) wither and flatten in the sands of time…

    Run time is approximately one hour. $10 members, $12 non-members, or $50 for a group of six (members only). This show is weird but not scary. Tickets must be purchased in advance online here.

    For more information about this project, click here.


    Perfect Strangers: Machine Project and the Hamiltonians

    Perfect Strangers: Machine Project and the Hamiltonians, is a collaboration between Machine Project, the Colgate Museum, and the town of Hamilton, NY. From September 9th to November 15th, we’ll get to know this small town of Hamilton in the only way we know how – performances, psychic interventions, workshops, foliage analysis, lectures, and sonic massage – brought to you by some of our favorite friends and artists. This is our first collaboration with a whole town, and we are delighted to be here as the Christian A. Johnson Endeavor Foundation Artists in Residence.

    See the full line up of events and performances here


    Platinum Collection – Live by Request

    Presenting… Machine Project: Platinum Collection – Live by Special Request, at the Tang Museum in Saratoga Springs, NY, this fall from September 19th – January 3rd. Like a time-travelling clone experiment gone awry, Machine Project director Mark Allen is transporting back to his alma matter Skidmore College, for Machine’s very first not-a-retrospective. Along for the journey are some of our favorite artists, equipped with the know-how, enterprise, moxie, and grit, to present Machine Project in full force to the dear community of Saratoga Springs. In store are a stand-off between an op-art painting and a Borsch-Belt comedian, musical spring water taste-tests, a tent on the rooftop, poetry in elevators, a new owl costume, and more.

    See the full line up of events and performances here

  • Past Projects

  • Sometimes Machine Project is invited to do stuff at other locations, within LA and across the country. Sometimes Machine Project likes to explore a certain topic for an extended period of time at the storefront. Read about both below.

    More information about our institutional collaborations.

    More information about our storefront series.

  • Machine Transformations

    More often than not, during the daytime Machine Project looks half-empty, and not yet cleaned up: more like a workshop than your typical gallery. Almost every day we do something different in the space. Occasionally the transformation lasts a little longer.

    More information about our grander transformations.

  • Storefront Engineering Activities

    Over the years we’ve built some unique features into our store front. These include a pneumatic cash machine, a tree stump watering hole, a vertical garden of succulents blooming from our storefront facade, and elevator bookshelves installed in the gallery floor.

    More information about our storefront engineering activities.

  • Machine Interviews

    Check out some of the interviews we have conducted with various artists who have collaborated with Machine Project.

    More information about Machine interviews.

  • Machine Publications

    We have publications documenting some of our larger scale events and installations available for purchase and pdf download.

    More information about Machine publications.

  • Machine Project Benefits

    Machine Project hosts scores of free public events every year. This is made possible in part by our annual Benefit, which packs months worth of Machine events into a single spectacular and intimate evening. Past activities have included gold panning, fake museum ID card making, and action movie style art theft from a laser-protected perimeter. Discounted tickets available to members. Not a member? Become a Member!

    More information about Machine Project Benefits, past and future.