Dorkbot SoCal 14
with Samuel Coniglio, Jennifer Silbert and Tod E. Kurt
Date & Time
June 3, 2006, 1pm
Machine Project

This event, in “Dorkbot-ish” fashion, is a diverse blend of three presentations that all relate to inhabited environments: but in a completely different realm than Bed Bath & Beyond.

Samuel Coniglio, Vice President of the Space Tourism Society, will show us products he’s designed for life in space: including, of course, a zero-gravity martini glass. Jennifer Silbert, an LA-based architect, will bring us into the interesting world of designing and working with highly original custom architectural materials. Lastly, Tod E. Kurt will bring an entourage of Roomba robotic vacuum cleaners and show us how to modify them to play music and do other unexpected things.
So, come on out and bring your friends. As with all events, this is free of charge. If you would like to make a donation to our kind venue-host (Machine Project), bring some dollar bills and watch them get sucked up in the money-sucking-machine. Also, most lecture events are filled to capacity, so if you want a chair, it might be a good idea to come at 12:50.