Fry-B-Q 2: Electric Boogaloo
with Joshua Bearman
Date & Time
December 16, 2007, 7pm–10pm
Machine Project

We’re very excited to announce our second annual Machine Project fry-b-que/holiday party.

Bring something to fry. Our trained fryolater technicians will be standing by, eager to batter and fatify your soon to be delicious snacks. Our extensive testing suggests that almost any item will bring great fried satisfaction — potatoes, fish, vegetables, onions, twinkies, etc. Just in case we bought extra fire extinguishers. Bring checks small and large and become a friend of Machine Project. Benefits (depending on level) include free classes, chunks of uranium enriched glass, private tours of the secret gallery and more. Your donation helps us keep doing what we do, and is fully tax deductible. Details on our support page. As a very special bonus, Joshua Bearman (who has recently returned from a panda cuddle mission in China) will be presenting a brief talk and slide show on his successful mission to cuddle adolescent panda bears in China. There will be multiple images of adorable baby pandas.