Reading While Trapped in the Secret Gallery
with Joshua Beckman and Matthew Rohrer
Date & Time
March 18, 2006, 8pm
Machine Project

We have Joshua Beckman and Matthew Rohrer (famous poets and collaborative authors of such books as “Nice Hat. Thanks”.) trapped in our subterranean secret gallery.

On Saturday the general public is invited to view Mr. Beckman and Mr. Rohrer via a lens in the floor. In addition, there will be given the opportunity to pass words, phrases and a gratuity to them via a mail slot in the floor.

Upon receiving the aforementioned words, phrases and gratuity, Mr. Beckman and Mr. Rohrer shall simultaneously compose and recite poems for the viewer based in content on the words and/or phrases passed to them. The length of the poem will correlate to the size of the gratuity.

$5 all you can eat fondue. Bring your own beverages.