You Too Can Play Difficult Music: Episode Four
with Stina Hanson, Douglas Wadle and Vitamin Wig C
Date & Time
March 25
Machine Project

Stina Hanson presents the Super Fantastic Difficult Music Marching Band, with the goal of getting as many people playing, marching and clapping together as possible.

Kazoos of multiple hues will be provided, as well as a selection of sheet music to the songs everyone seems to know but has no idea where they learned. What kind of marching band would you like to be in? What does it wear? How does it move? How will it interpret “You too can play difficult music?”

Douglas Wadle will be presenting an audience participation version of Logos prior Logos. The piece is a rules-based improvisation based upon the formal logic statements contained within the score/painting. He will, time permitting, also blather on about the work and its significance or lack thereof in relation to the notion of difficult music.

Vitamin Wig C and friends will be engaging in a sloppy improvisation incorporating mouth sounds and vocalizations, simple percussion instruments, pre-recorded media, and a host of familiar musical instruments. Audience members will be asked to please turn UP their cell phones!