You Too Can Play Difficult Music: Episode Two
with Liam Mooney and Thadeus Frazier-Reed
Date & Time
March 4
Machine Project

In the natural world it is the multitude of very simple choices and changes that create complexity.

Liam Mooney presents “Sublimation: The Physical Process, Not the Psychological One”,a piece whose form is created by the participation of unprepared performers given a set of materials which they then must decide how to use, after being sternly warned of the potential dangers of placing these materials in their mouths and/or eyes.

Drawing on influences from genetic and game algorithms, Thadeus Frazier-Reed will be presenting 3 pieces that bridge the gap between performance art and installation art. Audience members will be asked to help perform some pieces and will be able to interact with installation pieces following the performance. One need not be a “virtuoso” to create something complex.