Saturday, August 19, 2006

Angelo Vermeulen artist talk

Sunday August 20th 5pm

Join us after the jam making workshop for an informal artist talk with Angelo Vermeulen, who is visiting for a couple days from Belgium. Dr Vermeulen will present a selection of some of his biology related art projects. These include Blue Shift, a Darwinian art project connecting human and water flea behavior and other installation projects that explore realms of living installation art, photosynthesis and science fiction. He will also speak about his contributions to the current contemporary art exhibition “Bruegel Revisited” in the National Botanical Garden of Belgium.


Visual artist working with photography, video, new media and installations. Originally trained as a biologist (PhD in 1998, University of Leuven, Belgium), he also followed a photography training at the Art Academy of Leuven. Moved to London to work with Nick Waplington after completion of his PhD and photography studies. After one year in London he returned to Belgium and took up post-graduate studies at the Higher Institute of Fine Arts (HISK) in Antwerp from 2001-2003. “Blue Shift [LOG. 1]”, one of his recent projects was an interactive installation that functioned as an ecological experiment in an exhibition context. It was conceived in cooperation with Prof. Luc De Meester, evolutionary biologist, and electronics engineers of Philips. He has been working on “SKANNER”, a new media project on human fear in cooperation with Tamuraj, electronic musician and mathematics researcher. In collaboration with Quebec-based artist Louis Blackburn, he is currently preparing several new media projects and a documentary on computer game culture. He is preparing his first book on the relation between art, technology and spirituality in partnership with art philosopher Antoon Van den Braembussche.

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