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Tuesday, March 20, 2007
Build a computer 1 bit at a time, and a lesson on indigo

Towards demystification of the modern computer
Friday march 23, 8pm

Computers seem complicated, right? in a noble attempt to understand the guts of these magical machines, we’ll discuss the very basics: bits, binary to decimal conversion, basic logic gates, and assembling several logic gates for more sophisticated operations– interjected with historical references to morse, braille, and boole.

To demonstrate these ancient beginnings, attendees will build simple logic gates out of relays, switches, lightbulbs, and wires. we’ll pile parts together until we have a very large noodley calculator, which you can then test your newly-honed binary conversion skills against.

hands-on! free! fun! bring snacks to share.

more info on demystifiying the modern computer

ing presents Indigo
8pm Sunday March 25

Sunday ing will be giving a musical lesson on Indigo. According to our friends at Wikipedia, Indigio (or spectral indigo) is the color on the spectrum between 440 and 420 nanometres in wavelength, placing it between blue and violet.

more info on ing – Indigo

Saturday finds us at the rock scissors paper tournament, so the gallery is closed. Join us there and cheer on our RSP robot.

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