Monday, November 26, 2007

Intro to Electronics and Circuitbending with Phil Stearns

Saturday, December 8, 2007
12pm – 6pm (w/ a break for lunch)

Instructor: Phil Stearns

sold out

In this class we’ll break into the founding principles of electronics (and the Universe) through the art of circuit bending.

So, what the hell do all those tiny parts in an electronic thing do? There are (at least) two ways to find out:

1. Spend a ridiculous amount of time reading boring technical books on electricity and electronics.
2. Rip off the casing and start prodding away at the guts and see what happens (remember batteries only).

This workshop chooses the latter method, using intuition to guide our inquiries into the nature and art of electronics. We start with a toy voice changer megaphone, and through hardwire hacking and bending, will transform it into a mutant glitch music instrument of chaos. In moments of reflection between bouts of prodding, we will look deeper into what makes our interventions do the things they do to the “altered” toy.

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