Saturday, November 10, 2007

George Kuchar program notes

Machine Project
8pm Saturday Nov 10, 2007

By George Kuchar
About 13 minutes…2007

A weather diary of sorts where my mouth is pretty much shut but the window is wide open to various cloudscapes and local color tinged with a twang. Spring on the prairie with a sprinkling of Porky Pig pixie-powder on the lips of he who crunches in protein paradise.


Digital 8 Video
This in a way is a weather diary of sorts as it was shot in Oklahoma where my other weather diaries are taped. But it actually is more about land as this time I was invited to spend two weeks on a 20,000-acre ranch by an ex-student of mine who I hadn’t seen in almost 30 years. She put me up in grand, country style and rescued me from the usual hellholes I wind up in while stuck in that neck of the woods (or lack of woods). Her boyfriend from England and a friend with a fiddle compliment the hordes of beef that roam the range in search of sustenance.


12 minutes…shot on Digital 8

Alone in my room at the El Reno Inn way out west from Oklahoma City, I face a big picture window that overlooks the refuse of route 66 to ponder the fate of trailer trash in twisterville. The skies darken and rumble to the sounds of Mother Nature in heat while Big Brother TV suffers an anxiety attack. Lightning flares up while rain pounds down on the terminal tourists of a raging planet. Only the ice-cold veneer of a sculpted ceramic gives comfort to the terrorized tenant who sweats in sequestered silence while the sky falls down.



Clouds pile up and discharge their gifts onto a hungry landscape of saturated fats and wired joints in need of an icy dousing. This is achieved as boiling convection hits stratified boundaries of dreamland to create a preponderance of protuberances that hang from heaven in mammary magnificence.

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