Wednesday, August 29, 2007
Tomato Quintet Performs

Dear Friends,

Please join us this Friday August 31st at 8pm for the culinary and musical conclusion of Tomato Quintet by Chris Chafe (Composer) and Nikolaos Hanselmann (Visuals) and Greg Niemeyer (Cook). The tomatoes are ripe and ready to be eaten.

Last week, 5 cases of different varieties of tomatoes (from Chafe’s garden) have been installed at Machine Project. During this period, we’ve recorded the ripening process by tracking the changes in CO2 that the ripening produces. This data has been stored as a time series, compressed along the time axis, and translated into changes to a musical scale. Boom! Friday at 8pm musicians Lewis Keller and Cat Lamb will perform a live musical intrepretation of the score, while Greg transforms the tomatoes from performers into dinner.

Finally, and as if that wasn’t enough fun, we’ll be joined by an ice cream truck karaoke theater at 9:30.



ps – We’re so very happy to let you know our neighbors at the Downbeat Cafe are reopening this Friday as well. We missed them!


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