Wednesday, January 24, 2007
We’re being driven to the sea

We’re excited/terrified to tell you that we’ll be presenting over 30 of our favorite artists/projects/performers/workshops this weekend at the Art LA art fair. Highlights include floral volcanos which read poetry, a Corey Fogel dance/sneeze performance (with 500 pepper-shaker suit), the amazing Tron lecture redux, a fallen fruit jam jam, how to make moonshine, and so much more. This all takes place at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium.

Important information in order of importance below

1) Admission to the fair is $15/day, but we have complimentary passes for machine members of all levels. Join now! Yay!

2) We’re doing mini versions of two of our most popular workshops, sewing and electronics. Sewing is a very basic introduction on how to use a sewing machine, electronics will be soldering together a delightfully noisy noise thing you can take with you and hopefully annoy the rest of the fair with. These are each $30 (materials included) and come with free 1 day admission to the fair ($15 value). register now

3) The fair is Friday January 26th + Saturday Jan 27th from 12-8pm, and Sunday Jan 28th from 12-6pm. Come down and spend the day with us. Sprawling epic schedule

4) We’ve made a new book called the Machine Project Almanac which is a full color epic record of each and every thing we’ve ever done. It’s like the website, except prettier and you can look at it after civilization collapses. We’ll have it for sale at the fair.

4) There is also a fancy opening on Thursday night which costs $50 (we don’t have passes for that).

5) We bought a wii. It’s fun. We’re bringing it with us. Come play.

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