Monday, October 15, 2007


Please join us on Saturday October 20 at 8pm for a screening of Yeelen.

Yeelen (1987)
Directed by Souleymane Cisse
Balla Moussa Keita, Issiaka Kane, and Soumba Traoure

Souleymane Cisse is one of Africa’s leading directors. he was born
in 1940 in Bamako, the capital of Mali, where e now lives. After
studying filmaking in Moscow in the 1960’s he returned to Bamako
where he began directing short and eventually feature films.
Overcoming the difficulties of finance and distribution that plague
African Cinema, Cisse’s work has been widely seen and acclaimed in
Europe and the United States.

Souleymane Cisse‘s cinematic vision encompasses both the historical
and traditional culture of Africa(specifically the Bambara legends
of Mali) and the political and social tensions of modern society.
While widely regarded as one of the pioneers of African cinema,
Cisse’s work has been largely unavailable on video in the United


This adaptation of an ancient oral legend from Mali is one of the
most acclaimed and widely seen african films ever made. An Oedipal
story mixed with magic, Yeelen is as visually stunning as anything
form Hollywood.

Set in the powerful Mali empire of the 13th century, Yeelen tells
of the journey of Niankoro, a young warrior who must confront the
evil socerer who is also his father. Niankoro uses his own magical
powers to battle his father. The film follows him on his quest
across arid Bambara, Fulani and Dogon lands and explores a cross-
section of West African Cultures and folklore. Cisse’s
extraordinary use of lanscapes and light produces a unique and
striking cinematic style.

Yeelen (Brightness)
1987 105 Minutes, Color
In Bambara with English Subtitles

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