with Jonathan Zalben
Date & Time
May 13
Machine Project

What is Max/MSP?

With Max/MSP, you can make your computer do just about anything. It’s an erector set for digital media. It’s a musical instrument. It’s a real-time video mixer. It’s the brain behind an interactive installation. It’s a tool. It’s a tool to make tools. It could balance your checkbook. It’s whatever you need. It’s a Thneed.

Max is a graphical programming environment — an application that allows you to create your own software, using a toolkit of readymade user interface objects and basic processing objects that take care of timing, decision-making, reading and writing files, and the like. MSP adds to Max the ability to capture, synthesize, and manipulate audio. Through the use of additional hardware, like sensors and actuators, Max can be made to interact with the physical world.