Air Quality Case Study: Echo Park
Date & Time
August 30, 2008, 8pm
Machine Project

On Saturday, August 30, at 8pm, the Black Cloud Citizen Science League will present the results of a week-long air quality study of Echo Park.

For the study, the League positioned environmental sensors in 12 distinct locations along Sunset Boulevard — everywhere from the League’s Machine Project home base to a corner gas station to a nail salon.

The graphs reveal the poetry and the bare facts of everyday life cycles. Temperature data from the sensor left at a donut shop shows us when the donut baker started baking, a reading of organic chemical gas levels shows when Virgil Nails was the busiest, and through another sensor we witness a brief moment of quietude at the intersection of Vermont and Hollywood between 3 and 4am.

How do these sites and measurements relate to your air quality experiences? The Citizen Science League and John Higuchi, retired South Coast Air Quality Management researcher, will discuss these questions and explain the challenges and opportunities of air sensing at Machine on Saturday, August 30, at 8pm.

Participants at this event will also receive an iron-on patch with the cloudy logo. Cute!

The Black Cloud project in Los Angeles was completed with the participation of Andy Garcia’s English class at Manual Arts High School this summer. Funds for the project are provided by a Digital Media Learning Grant from the MacArthur Foundation.

The Black Cloud Citizen Science League is organized by: Rhea Cortado (Costume Designer), Aida Eltorie (Arts Manager), Andy Garcia (Teacher, Manual Arts High School), Laura Greig (Artist/Programmer), Farley Gwazda (Artist), Nik Hanselmann