Door-to-Door Poetry Delivery Service
Date & Time
December 7, 2008, 1pm–5pm
Machine Project

We love pizza, don’t get us wrong, but sometimes we wish we could get other favorite things to show up at our doors on demand, too. Like our friend Joshua Beckman. Reading us a poem.

Luckily Joshua is our December Artist in Residence, and in the spirit of giving this holiday season he and Machine Poet Laureate Anthony McCann are offering free door-to-door poetry deliveries at certain times throughout the month. The first installment of the Poetry Delivery Service will be this Sunday, December 7th between the hours of 1-5pm. Deliveries will be made exclusively on foot to homes or other locations within a 1 mile radius of Machine Project. If you want to order a pizza first and time it so that they arrive at the same time, then have a pizza / poetry party, even better!