Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Industrial Melanism

by Hanna Rose Shell, with Luke Fischbeck and Sarah Anderson

CAMOUFLAGE is systematic dissimulation or imitation for the purposes of concealment effected through human mimicry of natural animal, vegetable or mineral forms. It emerged as a potent response to photography’s practical and theoretical impacts on natural science, visual art and the military in the twentieth century. Camouflage is about hiding (both oneself and one’s world) in photographs.

INDUSTRIAL MELANISM is a weeklong exploration of strategic concealment practices, both individual and collective, in stillness and in motion. A talk on Sunday will be followed by two workshops (the first collective camouflage
silhouetting, the second camouflage movement experience and ghille suit construction), and finally a closing performance. An installation will be up, evolving over time, in the space throughout the week inviting visitor

Saturday, June 28, 8pm“Animal Mimicry and the Media of Reconnaissance” Lecture with Hanna Rose Shell

Tuesday, July 1, 8pmDisruptive Patterning Collaborative Event with SUMI INK CLUB

Saturday, July 5, All day eventGhillie Suit Making Workshop at 2pm, sound and dance and performance from 5pm til night.

Plus an evolving installation on camouflage, all week long.

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