Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Disruptive Patterning Collaborative Event w/ Sumi Ink Club

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008


Hanna Rose Shell and Los Angeles-based artists Sumi Ink Club invite visitors to participate in the building of active models to explore the underlying principles of becoming invisible. Participants are encouraged to experiment with methods of obliterative countershading and disruptive patterning. In addition to reconnoitering for concealed human forms, visitors work together to transform discrete animal shapes into an abstract mass indistinguishable from its background environment. Each line is used to form a field of real and potential illusion, as participants obliterate and decorate, continue and disrupt, reveal and obscure the marks made by others in the interest of creative collaboration. Sumi Ink and brushes will be available for all. Sumi Ink Club, founded in 2005 by Luke Fischbeck and Sarah Rara, holds regular public meetings in which many hands collaborate to create seamless topsy-turvy drawings using sumi ink. This event is for all ages.


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