Saturday, March 22, 2008

Felt + Circuits Workshop

april 19, april 26, may 3 (three meetings)
saturdays from 2pm – 6pm (with a break)
guided by k.cain and b.crabtree

materials provided
limited to 12 students

combining craft and technology, create your own noisy contact microphone
creature from scratch including all the steps for hand-making naturally
dyed felt and etching circuit boards.

we will:
– make plant based dyes and simple mordants
– felt and dye wool provided by happy and healthy sheep
– print circuit to film, transfer to board, etch copper in watery bath
– drill holes, assemble and solder circuits
– sew completed circuits into small felt creatures

etched circuit boards are much more durable and reliable than hand-wired
projects. they allow you to fabricate many identical parts quickly. they
also look very pretty.

together we will make small noises louder.

two of last year’s small noise-making felt creatures, hanging out

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