Sunday, March 23, 2008

TABLACENTRIC Closing Party – 10PM – 1AM FREE
featuring DJ Disko AM, and Robin Sukhadia (SADUBAS). Special guests include Mike, Sheila Govindarajan & Walter Kitundu.

live art by Santiago Heredia
VJ: Karl Fornander

TABLACENTRIC wouldn’t be complete with a killer party, celebrating an entire month of musical exploration, listening, cooking, invention, and playing tabla. Come to Machine Project to hear south Asian underground beats mixed with live art and percussion.

I wanted to thank Mark Allen, Annie O’Malley and Michele Yu at the glorious Machine Project for making TABLACENTRIC possible. I am going to miss all of you and the wonderful students, participants and supporters as I head back to SF on Monday in a car full of tablas. This experience has challenged and inspired me, I am looking forward to coming back to LA soon. Please do keep in touch, my email address is robin@astralaudio.com.

Love, Robin


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