Saturday, March 22, 2008

april 22, april 24, april 29, may 1 (four meetings)
tuesdays and thursdays from 7pm – 10pm
instructed by b.crabtree

class full, thanks

What is Max/MSP?

With Max/MSP, you can make your computer do just about anything. It’s an
erector set for digital media. It’s a musical instrument. It’s a
real-time video mixer. It’s the brain behind an interactive
installation. It’s a tool. It’s a tool to make tools. It could balance
your checkbook. It’s whatever you need. It’s a Thneed.

Max is a graphical programming environment – an application that allows
you to create your own software, using a toolkit of readymade user
interface objects and basic processing objects that take care of timing,
decision-making, reading and writing files, and the like. MSP adds to
Max the ability to capture, synthesize, and manipulate audio. Through
the use of additional hardware, like sensors and actuators, Max can be
made to interact with the physical world.

Who should take this class?

This class is for anyone interested in using Max/MSP to create
multimedia programs for sculpture, installation, performance, sound art,
data visualization, etc. This is an intro class, and no prior experience
with Max or computer programming is required, though existing computer
and digital media production skills are highly recommended. We also
highly recommend you get familiar with the Max/MSP environment before
the first class– exceptional tutorials are available to get you started.


-Learn to make basic patches (programs) in Max. This class will focus on Max programming concepts, user interface design, and interfacing Max with the real world.
-Gain a broad understanding of the capabilities of the Max environment, and its potential for extension. Emphasis on combining technologies.
-Learn how to continue learning Max after the workshop is over.


Presented as a hands-on exploration with interjected with experiments, with time for debugging and individual help.

Topics (time permitting)

-Basic techniques: standard input/output, math, data types, making
-Using max with MIDI
-Data management: giving your program a memory
-Network communication: getting two or more computers to work together
-Using external controllers: gamepads and the like
-Capturing, generating, processing, and analyzing live and previously
recorded video and sound
-Introduction to sensors and actuators: technologies and techniques for
interfacing Max

What you’ll need

-computer (laptops are nice)
-Max/MSP (30 day demo or 90-day license available from http://cycling74.com)

What you might also want to bring (optional)

-Firewire video camera
-USB game pad


This workshop is limited to 10 people and we expect it to fill quickly.
To avoid disappointment and general despair pre-register now.

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