Monday, February 11, 2008

Danielle Adair and Garrett Caples and milkshakes

8pm Tuesday February 12th

Please join us for a reading by poet Garrett Caples (Oakland) and performer Danielle Adair (Los Angeles). We’ve looked deep into our collective machine project soul and acknowledged the challenges of leaving the house on a tuesday evening, so we’ll be pairing these two delightful humans with complimentary chocolate milkshakes.

Danielle sent us the following information “What does WAR stand for? Danielle Adair will poll all her resources and dance ’til the answers arise on Tuesday night.” We are intrigued!

Garrett sent us the following poems. We are impressed!


er, um

i was a teenage gingerale: my bubbles spiraled upward
and rippled a puddle of ironing board. i was a pile
of bored, all task and wart, i saw i was screwed and
hammered. the more i tooled around the box, the more
i stammered glamorously. amorously it was freaky. my
speaking came out of sequins, in pudenda-purple
puzzles and penis-verdi cubs. i got used to boobs and
tubes, iffy lube, the protuberance of obvious wobble.
later on they hired me to make fake swears for real
tv, like bullshuttle! and lincoln! and i’m thinking
i’m hoggin the login on mobbin.com when all along i’m
bobbin for schlong in some conglomerate lawnjockey’s
puptent. this list could go on but it won’t thank god
and it isn’t for want of content. it’s haunted
content, coz, is was.


Light Sleeper (Elegy for George Harrison)

orange ganges! receive these grains:

i don’t like nan i like cobra it sent me burning down
the river
they combed the ghats for me but there were too many
a quiet epitaph approached the circle circling
as the glob of globe begat the grid that girdles earth

i seek its internal gurgle
the plaid pajamas of a resort to form takes refuge in
the river’s sunken quilt
when the boat i never said i was on passes singing
you’ll know
my sweet defenestration

[both poems from Complications]

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