Wednesday, January 16, 2008

24 Hour Roman Reconstruction Project, Hour by Hour

Midnight (Friday night/Saturday morning) – Romulus and Remus begin the building with their respective huts. Bring your own wolf-like dogs, or any dog in wolf’s clothing. Also, wear a crown for the seven kings, until 5am.

In the morning, bring your own weapon. If you don’t have your own weapon – who does? – you can always make one here upon arrival.

7:30am – Anna Oxygen leads the “Gal”-lic invasion, possibly accompanied by French bread.

2:20pm – 2:30pm – Come eat french fries with us while Caesar conquers Gaul. There will be wrestling, Empire vs. Republic.

3pm into the evening – We will be building the monumental Rome you know and love, including the Colosseum at 5:11pm and the Pantheon at 6:10pm. Cardboard will be replaced by wood, drywall, plaster, concrete and maybe even marble. We will provide all the tools you need, and plenty of help. Anything gold will help us finish Nero’s golden house, from 4:39 – 4:56pm.

5pm – Our art historian Judson Emerick will give a tour. Building continues into the era of Trajan, underfoot. But nothing lasts forever.

8pm – In this city, the decline begins at 8pm, when Fallen Fruit will issue a proclamation, and delivery a fruity feast including ambrosia and fruit-infused vodka. Beer-drinking ensues shortly after, from 8:20pm – 9:23pm, during the period of “Military Anarchy” (an actual historical term) when the Barbarians get restless and the Romans reinforce their city walls.

9:51pm – 10:29pm – Bring your own crucifix when Stephen Torrential as Constantine leads the Christian conversion and the destruction of pagan temples from.

Midnight (Saturday night) – Witness the sack of Rome with a performance by My Barbarian, our Visigoths.

Food, drink, construction, and destruction by fire will be present in varying quantities throughout.

More info here.

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