Date & Time
August 22, 2009, 8pm
Machine Project

This Saturday night we have a grab-bag of activities all rolled into one oddball night of music, reclaimed forests, motorized surprises and fried noodles.

There are so many different things going on at the same time on Saturday night, in fact, that there’s no way to describe it except as — a party.

So come join us on Saturday night for a party! With these special guests:

– all of the sculptures created by the Deforestation Squad (if one of these objects was created at your request, you’ll be getting an email with pickup instructions)
– the world premiere of Machine Project’s newly motorized Secret Bookstore (motorized by summer intern/high mage Adam Lassy)
– the triumphant return of Emily Lacy playing some music!
– the Kwong Dynasty Noodle Cart!
– and Liz Glynn (it’s her birthday!)

Maybe, just maybe, we’ll also get copies of our new book The Forest (a catalog for THE FOREST) in time for this to also count as a book release!

Fun will be had, songs will be sung, noodles will be combined with hot dogs — come join us!