Sneak Preview of Emily Lacy’s “Temples of the Mind”
Date & Time
November 21, 2009, 8pm
Machine Project

Join us for a ‘tactical demonstration’ and sneak preview concert of some of the wild experiments Emily Lacy has been conducting over the last 6 weeks, in preparation for her December/January residency at LACMA entitled ‘Temples of the Mind’, including a burgeoning context for musical collaboration called Ecce.

In ‘Temples of the Mind’, tape loops, digital loops, amplifiers, and larger questions of temporality, are all engaged via human and electronic echoes, and investigations of the broader idea of “signal.”


This preview is also a ‘Call for Interns’ who can contribute around 10 hrs a week to aid Emily with the project.

And, an ‘Equipment Call’ — Emily can offer comp tickets to the exhibit opening on Dec 5th, for anyone who can loan these items for her residency:

Practice amps
Looper pedals
A violin
A small organ or harmonium
Tape recorders
Walkie talkies

So please come join Emily on Saturday night, for a show and a chance to help realize an exciting project!