Wednesday, September 16, 2009
New classes

Pizza class was fun! We’ve posted up some pictures here.

We have some more classes coming up that are less delicious, but just as fun:

-> Sensors and Pattern Recognition with Heather Knight
This class is a crash course in simple analog circuits and basic pattern recognition techniques. You can use them for charismatic robots or intelligent machines (note: the emphasis will be on applications that improve peoples’ everyday lives rather than take over the world). Prior experience with arduinos & microcontrollers needed. 4 classes, starts Sunday September 28th. Details & registration here:


-> Monster Props & Costumes Workshop with Hunter Jackson
Just in time for Halloween, Hunter Jackson is back for another beginners’ class on foam costume and prop-making! 6 classes, starts Tuesday October 6th. Details & registration here:


-> Programming the iPhone 101 with Chandler McWilliams
This four session workshop will get you up and coding quickly so you can learn the intricacies of creating applications for iPhone by diving right in and doing it. Prior programming experience highly recommended. 4 classes, starts November 1st. Details & registration here:


A temporary pizza oven, built for our Pizza Dough and Oven Workshop last weekend.

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