Mignonette Game Kit: Soldering Workshop
with Rolf van Widenfelt
Date & Time
November 21, 2009, 12pm–3pm
Machine Project
$55 for members
$70 for non-members

In this workshop, each participant will assemble their own Mignonette Game kit, and learn to solder in the process. The Mignonette kit is a perfect introduction to soldering and electronics, with challenges for intermediate skill levels too.

This class is taught by Rolf van Widenfelt, SF Bay Area engineer and co-designer of the Mignonette Game. Mignonette (pronounced MIN-nya-net) is a handheld game that has a 5×7 pixel bicolor LED display, 4 input buttons, a speaker, and uses an AVR microcontroller as its “brain”. It is fully programmable and is based on freely downloadable development tools. First introduced at the Maker Faire, hundreds of Mignonette kits have been assembled at various events and conferences since.

The kit comes preloaded with Munch, a Pacman-like game with multiple levels. At the end of the workshop, we will demonstrate how other games can be loaded into the Mignonette’s “brain”. Time permitting, there will be a brief introduction to the process of creating your own games.

Come join us and build your own game console!

Appropriate for ages 9 and up – kid and adult friendly.

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SORRY, SOLD OUT! A VERY LIMITED number of extra kits may be available on the day of the workshop, please email machine@machineproject.com if you’d like to try dropping in. Or, email machine@machineproject.com to be placed on a waiting list for our next soldering workshop.

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