Sailing the Seas of Computer History: Pirates!
with Jason Scott
Date & Time
September 20, 2010, 8pm
Machine Project

A lecture by Jason Scott.

Please join us for a lecture by Jason Scott on computer history, documentary filmmaking, and archiving.

Jason Scott, captain of the good ship TEXTFILES.COM, hoists the topsail on 30 years of collecting computer history, with a special focus on the changing face of piracy through the decades, through an observation of pirate battles, pirate artifacts, and the endless one-upmanship that all brigands must boast of in their conquests of innocent software.

Jason Scott is a full-time computer historian dedicated to saving the stories, data and artifacts of bygone technology. Besides TEXTFILES.COM, his collection of BBS-era data and software, he also has filmed documentaries and acquired thousands of magazines and writes an awful lot of stuff at ascii.textfiles.com. He is also popular on twitter, but is overshadowed by his cat Sockington, who has a million and a half followers. Poor Jason.