Creston Lea Reads, Daniel Brummel Sings
with Creston Lea and Daniel Brummel
Date & Time
September 16, 2010, 8pm
Machine Project

Creston Lea will be joining us to read from his recent book Wild Punch, which may or may not include relevant maritime topics such as falling through ice.

We are pleased to let you know that Creston will be joined by one of our most beloved troubadours, Daniel Brumell. Coincidentally, Creston is also known for his skillful crafting of artisan guitars. Turtle Point Press has this to say about Wild Punch: “These debut stories, set in northern New England, portray the revelatory moments of small-timers, clergymen, hotheads, day laborers, motorcycle racers, loggers, horse farmers, and young veterans of the Gulf War. In Wild Punch, Creston Lea achieves the rare congruence of language and landscape.”

For information on Creston’s guitar work please visit here.