Eternal Telethon: Infinity + 24
Date & Time
November 20, 2010, 12pm
Machine Project

Watch here.

Join us online or in person for the next installment of the Eternal Telethon. Orchestrated by John Burtle, with assistance from Sojung Kwon, Adrian Chi, and Akina Cox, Eternal Telethon: Infinity + 24 will be broadcast live from Machine Project for 24 hours strait. With over 50 imaginative individuals and collaborative groups contributing performances, objects, and videos to the event, it is by far the most ambitious Eternal Telethon to date. Watch online and/or, if you’re in Los Angeles, feel free to drop by.

An ongoing series of collectively-organized, live web-casts, the Eternal Telethon raises money to fund a convalescent home for retired and ailing artists in need of a break. Founded in early 2009 by Akina Cox, Chad Dilley, Ina Viola Blasius, John Burtle, and Niko Solorio, the telethon is very pleased to have featured over 200 artists sharing their creativity to show solidarity for the creation of an artist retirement home. The telethon functions both as a showcase for artists to present new, experimental work in a low-pressure environment, as well as a demonstration of how a community can effectively define its needs and empower itself. For more information click here.

Participating Artists include:

Keith Rocka Knittle, Elana Mann, B&T, Julie Lequin, Nicole Antebi, Body City, Danielle Adair, Corey Fogel, Anna Mayer, Malisa Humphrey, John Hogan, Jen Bruce, Bird Strike, Gordon Winiemko, BYOFF, Miggie Wong, Jason Kunke, Guan Rong, Akina Cox, Yettie Spagettie and the Halloweeners, Marcos Siref, Asher Hartman, Drew Denny, Adam Overton, Nancy Popp, Kittens Inspired by Kittens, David Earle, CamLab, Candice Lin, Pangea, Claire Cronin, Bob Ross, Janice Gomez, Alexis Disselkoen and Aaron Valenzuela, Sojung Kwon, Frau Fiber, Kim Thompson, Pocket Niko, John Martin, Stephen van Dyck, Fatima Hoang, Rene Navaro, Ali Valle, Who Are We?, Robby Herbst, Ecstatic Energy Consultants, TenTenTam, Tyler Calkin, Carl Pomposelie and Diana DeAugustine, Eamonn Fox, Cory Thomas Hanson, Danny Bengston, Julie Lequin, Patrick Woody, Brian Gentric, Gender Wayang, Andrew Cox, James Raymond, Ina Viola Blasius, Alan Hiroshi Nakagawa and Mooey Moobau, Erlkönig, Amy Howden-Chapman, Dave Weldzius, Paul Pescador and more!