Plant Vacation
Date & Time
August 7, 2010, 1pm–4pm
August 13, 2010, 11pm
August 14, 2010, 1pm–4pm
Machine Project

The Hammer invites you to give your houseplant a vacation during our August Cultural Retreat for Plants.

Throughout the entire month participants plants will be installed in the light flooded linbrook terrace, and presented with a series of readings, performances and musical events for plants. Plant portraiture provided by Lisa Anne Auerbach. We will provide a dedicated (one-way and auto-answering) phone line connected to a loudspeaker should you wish to call in and speak to your plants.


–Saturday July 31st 11am to 5pm: Drop off at the Hammer Museum and plant portrait photography
–Saturday August 7th 1-4pm: Musical performances, dramatic readings, and psychic plant healing
–Friday August 13th 11pm-Midnight Plant Pornography screening (no humans allowed, sorry)
–Saturday August 14th 1-4pm: Musical performances, poetry, and psychic plant healing
–Saturday August 21st 1-4pm: Musical performances, historical accounts of botanical exploration and psychic plant healing
–Saturday August 28th 11am to 6pm: Plant pick up at the Hammer Museum


Plant drop off is July 31, 11am-6pm and pick up Saturday August 28, 11am-6pm ONLY! (Please no sick/infested plants – this is a vacation, not rehab.)

Please email plantvacation@machineproject.com with the subject line “I’m bringing my plant” so that we can get an idea of how many plants we will be checking in for the month. (We will not respond to your email, this is for plant count only!)

You can download the plant release waiver and fill it out before you come to the museum or you can do this when you drop off your plant.

You can also download a selection of readings compiled by Joshua Beckman to be read to plants, entitled  “Poems and prose for potted plants”Poems and prose for potted plants“.

Tarot card readings were provided for each plant on vacation by Kristina Faragher, available to view here.


Plant Vacation