Missincinatti and Friends Board the Shipwreck
with Missincinatti
Date & Time
October 8, 2010, 8pm
Machine Project

Cellist, folksinger, and leader of Missincinatti Jessica Catron has organized a festive closing night aboard Machine’s most recently constructed wonder of the world, the majestic Sea Nymph.

We hope you’ll join us in celebrating the passing of this great monument to oceanic catastrophe, romantic drama, and teleporting. This special program will include creaky, droney, ambient wandering string players, sea shanty sing-alongs, and original compositions by Missincinatti (Jessica Catron, Jeremy Drake, and Corey Fogel).  Unique contributions to the evening will come from several Machine Project favorites Ezra Buchla, Laura Steenberge, Julie Carpenter, Cat Lamb, and Emily Lacy.  We will have two racks of sea-punk costumes on-hand and the closing musical number of the night will encourage a joyful dance in and around the ship.