Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Derde Verde @Hammer

Derde Verde
Dylan McKenzie, guitar and voice
Jonathan Schwartz, bass and voice

April 17, 2010
1-2 Hammer Courtyard
2-4 Little William Theater

Derde Verde is a group steeped in americana as well as the avant-garde. Their unique pop perspective will be explored in two great venues at the Hammer Museum.

In the Little William Theater, Dylan and Jon will present intimate, acoustic originals for an audience of two. In the Hammer Courtyard, the duo will create improvised ambient sound pieces based on space, texture, and their own sense of folk experimentalism.

The Little William Theater is located in a coat-room in the lobby under the stairs at the Hammer Museum. It is one of the world’s newest and smallest theaters, with seating for two people, and different performers every week. Curated by Chris Kallmyer.

oh yeah, and we still have a pong table.

Hammer Museum

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