Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Numbers, HELICOPTER, and Rational Melodies at the Hammer

This week at the Hammer Museum..

Singing by Numbers
Thursday, May 20, 6-9pm

Laura Steenberge and Catherine Lamb, leaders of the experimental women’s choir Singing by Numbers, will perform in the Luisa Lambri galleries. Laura and Cat are interested in the exploration of the physics of sound waves through voice. The notes they sing are not named ‘do-re-mi’ or ‘c-d-e’, but are instead named by numbers. The numbers relate to the harmonic series: a naturally occurring system of pitches that is based on the physics of vibrations.

Tom Johnson’s Rational Melodies performed by Andrew McIntosh
Saturday, May 22, 1-4pm
Little William Theater

The afternoon will feature two complete performances of minimalist composer Tom Johnson’s Rational Melodies: the first at 1:00 pm in the Little William Theater, and the second at 3:00 pm in various outdoor locations around the Hammer museum. The Rational Melodies, a collection of 21 pattern-oriented energetic miniatures, are one of Johnson’s most important works. Written in 1982, they are scored for any instrument or group of instruments, in any octave or transposition, although this performance will be on solo violin.

Sunday, May 23, 11-5pm

HELICOPTER will be performing incidental, spatialized, improvised music in the courtyard, lobby, and terraces of the Hammer Museum. Come listen, have a drink in the cafe, and enjoy a HELICOPTER up close.

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