Wednesday, February 17, 2010
Mini concerts at the Hammer, and Nowcloud at Machine this weekend

Please join us Saturday Feb 20th, 2010 in the lobby of the Hammer museum, from 1-4pm.

In a small coatroom under and inside the stairs in the front lobby of the Hammer is the Little William Theatre. On Saturday from 1-4 Alex Noice and Brian Walsh will be performing short concerts for up to two people at a time. More info:

-> http://www.m.loc/engine/hammer

And at Machine this weekend is the third residency performance by Nowcloud on Sunday Feb 21st at 12pm. More info:

-> http://www.m.loc/engine/go/nowcloud

And be sure to stop in for Nate Page’s ongoing installation, “Machine: Subject/Object/Project”. Closes on Friday March 5th! More info:

-> http://www.m.loc/engine/go/natepage

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