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Sunday, April 25, 2010
Open Source Satellite Initiative presentation today!

LAST MINUTE ADDITION to today’s events!

Join us on Sunday April 25th at 5pm to meet Song Hojun, an artist and engineer who has built his own DIY Earth-orbiting satellite. More info here:

-> DIY sending stuff to space

Also, exclusively for Machine Members, we’re currently running a contest for one lucky member to win a pair of tickets to the Cabinet Magazine Benefit Cocktail Party in New York on May 1st. The contest? Guess what number Mark Allen is thinking. Deadline for guesses is TONIGHT!

Details here:
-> what’s that number

In other news, it’s almost summer, and we’re looking for a summer intern! Thanks to the Getty Foundation, this will be a paid full-time position for ten weeks. There are several very specific requirements involved, so if you’re interested, please go here for the details:

-> gettyintern2010

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