Intro to Welding (MIG)
with Matt Jones
Date & Time
January 31, 2010, 10am–3pm
Machine Project
$120 for members
$135 for non-members

In this five-hour class, we will cover the basics of welding using MIG welders, to have you safely and effectively ready to start your very own furniture, bicycle chopper, or top fuel dragster project.

We will be using welders rented from Home Depot and emphasizing skills and techniques that will make welding more accessible to those without extensive workshops, toolsets, or experience. During the class we will cover safety, metal procurement and selection, welding technique, and finishing/rust prevention techniques. We will then apply all the new skills to make a four-inch cube that we can inflate with a bicycle pump.

Comfortable using power tools and not squeamish with loud noises or sparks. Participants must wear long sleeve cotton shirts and cotton pants/jeans without holes. Pants must cover the tops of your shoes. Please also wear leather or canvas shoes (zero nylon/synthetic materials on the shoes—vans, work boots, cowboy boots—all good). Please also bring sunscreen, safety glasses, and leather work gloves if you have them.

Workshop instructor Matt Jones is a sculptor and works as a scenic carpenter and welder building sets and props for museums and amusement parks. Visit his website: www.ojdingo.com

Oh no! We’re sorry, but this class is now full. If you would like to be put on a waiting-list, please email machine@machineproject.com. We’re trying to schedule a new section so that everyone can learn to weld!