Blink: A Lecture
with Vanja Alispahic
Date & Time
September 10, 2011, 8pm
Machine Project

What is in ‘the blink of an eye’?

Eye movement research has been in vogue among psychologists interested in human attention for decades. Yet investigation of blinking has remained in the shadows…until now. Could the secrets of the human mind actually be hidden in what we don’t see? Vanja Alispahic will discuss the brief history of fascinating blink research as well as the current wave of studies inspired by the Oscar winning film editor Walter Murch.

Vanja Alispahic has collaborated with the Brain and Attention Research Lab at the University of British Columbia on the connection between visual narrative and blink synchrony. He is currently in Los Angeles working with Dr. Eran Zaidel of the Brain Research Institute at UCLA.