Boundary Pageant #1
Date & Time
December 18, 2011, 2pm–4pm
Machine Project

Designer, developer, and professor Liz Falletta performs: “How I Spent Two-and-a-half Years Drawing Three Lines,” a legal talk, workshop, and personal anecdote about drawing property lines in Los Angeles.

This is the first event in Boundary Pageant, a series of talks and workshops exploring jurisdiction and geography.

Boundary Pageant is a collaborative research project organized by Rosten Woo. The public face of Boundary Pageant will be a monthly series of workshops and talks at Machine Project given by a political organizers, artists, and land-use professionals. Each evening will explore a different boundary through anecdote, map, argument, and diagram. Like a Powers of Ten for governance, the project will begin at Machine project’s property line and expand outwards to investigate the stories behind the shapes of census tracts, police precincts, water districts, and county lines, concluding with Congressional boundaries on tax day, April 15.

Photos of the event can be found here.